Year End Closing Activities in SAP Business One

Year-End Closing in SAP enables users to create postings in the accounting system when a fiscal year or posting period ends. This function allows the transfer of previous profit and loss G/L account balances from one fiscal year or period to another.
The procedures described in this guide represent a concept that is generally applicable. Following activities are explained in detail:

  • Year End (Period End Closing)
    • Introduction
    • Process Flow
    • Description
  • Preparation
    • Backup
    • Checking Control Accounts
    • Exchange Rate Revaluation
    • Financial Audit Adjustments
    • Run Stock Audit Report
    • Run Profit And Loss Statement
  • Year End Closing
    • Year End Closing Process
  • Examples Of Possible Error Messages
    • Distribution Rule

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Tips and Tricks for SAP Business One – 2

In my previous post, i shared SAP Business One Tips and Tricks document that i confronted at Clients First site. This is another tips and tricks document you are shown how to find out the description of a field in SAP Business One, the hierarchy of the default layouts when printing, in-depth workings of the Special Pricing functionality, what is a key pre-requisite for posting the journals generated from the Period-End Closing function and much more.

Questions you will find answer for are as follow;

  • What is the hierarchy of the default Print layout?
  • What Price does the price field in the Special Prices for Business Partners main window reflect?
  • Why an error message relating to date deviation appears in Period-End Closing function?
  • How to see the remaining quantities to be delivered to the customer?
  • How to Insert a Watermark in a Printed Marketing Document?
  • Why is the system giving this message: ‘Confirmation amount must be greater than zero [Message 173-18]’?
  • s there a quick way to access the explanation of a specific field in SAP Business One?
  • Non-Included Transactions in the Payment Wizard
  • How to record the validity of tax exemption certificates?
  • How to cancel a journal entry using today as posting date?

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