SAP Inventory Management Overview: Crystal Clear Instructions for Dummies

This presentation covers the Inventory Management process in SAP to work with transfer postings, material movements, stock inventory, and receipts processes for IM managed goods. After reading this document, you will be able to:

  • Describe the purpose of IM in SAP
  • Compare IM & WM in SAP,
  • Define the receiving, plant, and issuing processes at the plant
  • Understand material (goods) movements for IM locations
  • Describe how stock is managed at the IM level
  • Define common movement types
  • Describe the results of goods movements
  • Understand the Organizational structure
  • Discuss master data elements
  • Identify the difference between master data and transactional data
  • Discuss stock handling tasks
  • Understand physical inventory and cycle counts for IM materials

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SAP WM Configuration Manual for Consultants

In this SAP WM Manual, you will be briefly introduced concepts and configuration Warehouse Management module, without going into excessive detail

  • Introduction to WM
  • Stock Placement IMG Settings and Test scenario
  • Stock Removal IMG Settings and Test scenario
  • Stock Transfers and Transfer Postings
  • MM & SD Integration
  • Fixed Bin Stroage Type
  • Bulk Storge Type
  • Stringent Strategy, Pallet Storage Type
  • Special Movement Indicator
  • Manual Blocking of Storage bin
  • Create TO from bin to bin
  • Auto TO for TR & Posting Change Notice
  • Immediate TO
  • Physical Inventory
  • Hazardous Material Storage type
  • SU Management
  • SU Management with ID Point Storage Type
  • SU Management with Pick point storage type HU Management
  • WM & PP Integration
  • WM & QM Integration
  • Multiple Picking for TR/Outbound delivery
  • Multiple Picking process with 2 Step
  • RFID

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SAP Warehouse Management (WM) Case Study & Exercises

In this post, you will find download links to a set of Warehouse Management Case Studies and Exercices documents which are commmonly used for educational purposes. In each document, you will learn about following

  • Case Study 1: This case study explains an integrated warehouse management process which is triggered by a purchase order for a warehouse-managed storage location.
  • Case Study 2: This case study explains an integrated warehouse management process which is triggered by a stock transport order from a manufacturing facility to a warehouse-managed storage location
  • Case Study 3: This case study explains an integrated warehouse management process which is triggered by a sales order for material to be delivered to the customer from a warehouse-managed storage location

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SAP Warehouse Management (WM) Sample Business Blueprint Document

The aim of the blueprint is to know the functions, processes & procedures to be followed for the business requirements, integration with other modules & processes, which is the main deliverable of Business Blueprint Phase, is to serve as conceptual master plan for the relevant module in SAP.

In this sample SAP WM Business Blueprint material, you will find documentation of the business requirements in detail, and serves as the basis for organization, configuration and development activities.

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SAP Warehouse Management Configuration Guide

This document provides a good, working understanding of the important points and customization settings related to SAP Warehouse Management application with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. Find below list of configuration settings explained in this material:

  • Define Storage Type
  • Define Storage Sections
  • Define Storage Bin Types
  • Define Storage Type Indicators
  • Define Storage Unit Types
  • Define FIFO Strategy
  • Define Requirement Types
  • Define Shipment Types
  • Define Movement Types
  • Define Types per Storage Type
  • Define Differences and Document Limits….

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