SAP MM Inventory Management User Manual to Goods Movements

This document contains explanations, tips & tricks, step-by-step guides with menu paths & transaction codes & screenshots & field definitions for the processes around inventory management including goods receipt, reservations, transfer postings, goods issue, physical inventory. You can find the major content listed below;

Goods Receipt:

  • Goods Receipt against /Outbound Delivery (Movement Type 101), /PO-Direct Consumption(Movement Type 101), /PO-Non-Valuated Materials, /PO-Project Stock, /PO-towards direct Capital, /PO-towards Project Stock Capital, /PO-towards Subcontracting & Repair, /PO-with Account Assignment
  • Return delivery to Vendor against Rejection
  • Print Out Goods Receipt


  • Create Reservation for Revenue Consumption
  • Create Reservation for Transfer posting Mvt-913
  • Create Reservation for Transfer posting Mvt-915
  • Change Reservations
  • Display Reservations

Transfer Posting

  • One-Step Transfer posting between Stocs
  • Transfer Posting Between Two Project Stocks
  • Transfer Posting from Project to Revenue Stock
  • Transfer Posting Between Revenue to Project Stocks
  • Two-Step Stock Transfer between Stocks
  • Transfer Posting of Input Material for Subcontracting Vendor End Mvt-541

Goods Issue

  • Goods Issue to Project from Project Stock
  • Return Partial Quantity against reservation
  • Reversal of Project Stocks to Project
  • Goods Issue for Own Consumption

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SAP Warehouse Management Configuration Guide

This document provides a good, working understanding of the important points and customization settings related to SAP Warehouse Management application with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. Find below list of configuration settings explained in this material:

  • Define Storage Type
  • Define Storage Sections
  • Define Storage Bin Types
  • Define Storage Type Indicators
  • Define Storage Unit Types
  • Define FIFO Strategy
  • Define Requirement Types
  • Define Shipment Types
  • Define Movement Types
  • Define Types per Storage Type
  • Define Differences and Document Limits….

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Solution Guide to Incorrect Material Movement in SAP – An Approach to COGI Errors

The theoretical part of this study deals with materials handling, especially from the viewpoint of effective warehouse operation. Other issues addressed in the theoretical part consist of warehouse management, goods reception, the Just-in-Time approach to production and Material Requirements Planning.

The problems related to the incorrect material movements are specified and presented in the present situation description. A description of the processes where material movements are involved is also included in the section.

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Basic Concepts of SAP Materials Management – Movement Types

This document is provided as an introductory material after SAP Implementation for a university to give basic core concepts of Materials Management module. After reading this document you will be able to:

  • Understand the relationship between the organizational structure and master data
  • Use SAP transaction codes to execute various goods movements
  • Create a personal favorites list of frequently used movement types
  • Understand the relationship between goods movements and movement types
  • Execute goods movements in SAP
  • Cancel/ reverse goods movements
  • Execute a return to vendor transaction and issue goods using specific transaction codes to cost centers, work orders, reservations and scrap
  • Transfer materials from one location to another
  • Pick and issue materials
  • Differentiate between a stock and non-stock material

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