Step by Step Guide to Basic Web Dynpro ABAP

The objective of this document is to give an understanding and knowledge on advanced technology to everyone who wanted to have knowledge in the area of Basic Web Dynpro ABAP. Following content is covered in this guide:

  • What is Web Dynpro for ABAP?
  • Objectives of Web Dynpro
  • Web Dynpro Component Architecture
  • Web Dynpro Component Development

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ABAP Web Dynpro Notes on UI Layouts, Controller Hook Methods and API’s

This document discusses various aspects of ABAP Web Dynpro with quick definitions, clear screenshots and useful hints. Starting with outlining purpose of ABAP WebDynrpo in SAP, you will find well formed notes of the following topics:

  • Architecture Components: Controllers, Events, Contexts, Views, Windows, Applications,
  • UI Layout: Containers, Tables (useful Table attributes, useful TableColumn attributes)
  • Controller Hook Methods: Invoked Methods for Component Controller, View Controllers, Window Controllers
  • Assistance Classes: Benefits, Uses
  • API’s: the Code Wizard, Manipulating the context, Supply methods, Navigation, Messages, Controller methods, useful interfaces,

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Web Dynpro ABAP Development Tutorials

In this three parts of series you will learn how to build a web dynpro component and navigate between different views with in the component. In this part of the series we will move on to learn more complicated scenarios where one component is embedded into another component.

  • Part 1: How to extract data from a table
  • Part 2: How to building an application having more than one view and achieve the navigation between different views
  • Part 3: Demonstrating Concept of Component Usage

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5 Days Web Dynpro Training Presentations

This training set provides a 5 days training content to top topics of Web Dynpro for ABAP:

  • Day 1: Web Dynpro ABAP Introduction
  • Day 2: Events, Navigation and Interfaces of Web Dynpro Components
  • Day 3: Component Usage, ALV, Assistance Class
  • Day 4: Dynamic Programming, Portal Integration, Configuration
  • Day 5: Advanced Concepts, Enhancements, Best Practices

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