ABAP Web Dynpro Notes on UI Layouts, Controller Hook Methods and API’s

This document discusses various aspects of ABAP Web Dynpro with quick definitions, clear screenshots and useful hints. Starting with outlining purpose of ABAP WebDynrpo in SAP, you will find well formed notes of the following topics:

  • Architecture Components: Controllers, Events, Contexts, Views, Windows, Applications,
  • UI Layout: Containers, Tables (useful Table attributes, useful TableColumn attributes)
  • Controller Hook Methods: Invoked Methods for Component Controller, View Controllers, Window Controllers
  • Assistance Classes: Benefits, Uses
  • API’s: the Code Wizard, Manipulating the context, Supply methods, Navigation, Messages, Controller methods, useful interfaces,

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SAP ABAP WebDynpro Training Materials for Beginners

From a technological point of view, SAP‘s Web Dynpro for Java and ABAP is a revolutionary step in the development of Web-based user interfaces. It is completely unlike any design paradigm previously used by SAP and represents a quantum leap in the development of Web-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications.

ABAP Web Dynpro has been available since SAP NetWeaver 7.0 (SAP NetWeaver Application Server 7.0). For developing the entities of a Web Dynpro application, the Object Navigator (transaction code SE80) has been enhanced.

In this two part training course materials, you will explore the various concepts, tips and practical examples related to ABAP Web Dynpro

  • Unit 1: Web Dynpro Introduction
  • Unit 2: Web Dynpro Controllers
  • Unit 3: The Context at Design Time
  • Unit 4: Defining the User Interface
  • Unit 5: Controller and Context Programming
  • Unit 6: Internationalization and Messages
  • Unit 7: Value Help and Semantic Help
  • Unit 8: Component Reuse
  • Unit 9: Dialog Boxes (Popups)
  • Unit 10: Dynamic Modifications at Runtime
  • Unit 11: Special Topics

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