Getting a SAP Job

Getting a job in a computer-related field can be a challenge but the high pay makes it worth the effort. One of the most up and coming of these careers is known as SAP jobs. SAP is an acronym for Systems Applications and Products. Below is information that can help you land a job working with this software. Read more

Difference Between ERP, BI and EPM

Technology for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Intelligence (BI), and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) supports performance / process improvement initiatives to help organizations run more effectively.

This set of IT systems, applications, and tools allows organizations to improve planning and execution of initiatives by automating business processes, reconciling information about the state of its business, reporting results, and providing capabilities to forecast future scenarios; all within state-of-the-art integrated data models. For example, an organization might use SAP ERP to automate and manage its procure-to-pay processes as well as manage and reconcile its general ledger – reducing manual labor burdens and errors associated with performing transactions. Read more

New ABAP Editor and Debugger

Developers are increasingly making use of modeling in ABAP development tools — UI development tools based on the Web Dynpro programming paradigm are good examples — to build programs without having to painstakingly write them line by line. Digging into the code, though, is still the trickiest part of any application development, so it’s not surprising that the bulk of a developer’s time is spent with the ABAP Editor and Debugger tools. Despite a selection of model-driven programming tools, the typical ABAP developer probably spends as much as 95% of his time writing — and reworking — code using the ABAP Editor and Debugger. Read more