SAP Basis Quick Overview Training for Beginners

This unique introductory training provides easy-to-understand instructions for SAP Basis terms. After reading this guide, you will be able to:

  • Outline simple client/server configurations
  • Describe the processing flow for user requests in SAP Systems
  • Name the most important processes on an SAP Web Application Server
  • Define the term instance and recognize the characteristics of a central instance
  • Outline the structure and architecture of an SAP system
  • List the technical components of the  SAP Web Application Server
  • Describe the process of the start procedure of an SAP System
  • Start the entire SAP System or individual instances
  • Create and Release Transport Requests
  • Schedule and monitor jobs
  • Create output devices
  • Authorization concept

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SAP Basis Introductory Training Program

After 5 Days and 10 days training presentations for Basis, another Basis training package is out here for beginners :)
Following are the content details from this Basis Training Suite;

  • Day 1 – Introduction to SAP & Netweaver Architecture
  • Day 2 – Operations in AS ABAP Systems : Part 1
  • Day 3 – Operations in AS ABAP Systems : Part 2
  • Day 4 – Introduction to AS JAVA Architecture & Processes
  • Day 5 – Java User Management and Internet Communication
  • Day 6 – Operations in AS Java and Support Packages
  • Day 7 – Security and Authorizations Concepts
  • Day 8 – CTS, SAP Installation, SAP Kernel Upgrade
  • Day 9 – SAP Client Administration, Introduction to Unix
  • Day 10 – Database Administration – Oracle

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SAP Press Books Sample Chapter Downloads – Part 4

Before starting this series, I also did not have any chance to view most of the sample chapters shared here.  Actually it helps a lot me too and they are now most valuable documents in my archive. This part of series also comes in handy ones you should not miss

  • What are the benefits of Structural Authorizations in SAP HCM ?
  • Creating your first program in ABAP Editor
  • Segment Reporting in SAP Financial Reporting
  • Critical aspects of Internal Tables processing in ABAP
  • An Overview of Bank Accounting in SAP Financials

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Authorization Concept in SAP

The authorizations for users are created using roles and profiles. The administrator creates the roles, and the system supports him or her in creating the associated authorizations.

An authorization is a permission to perform a certain action in the SAP System. The action is defined on the basis of the values for the individual fields of an authorization object. When a user logs on to a client of an SAP system, his or her authorizations are loaded in the user context. The user context is in the user buffer( in the main memory) of the application Server.

This document details step by step procedure for creating roles through PFCG transaction. It would be useful giving a try to reading PFCG Concept in SAP. You will also be provided advanced concepts

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