How to Find User Exits or BADI in SAP ?

User-Exits or BADI allows users to add their own functionality to SAP standard screen without being have to modify the standard program.

This document helps people to find the corresponding user exit or BADI that are tied to SAP standard transaction code using [CMOD], [SMOD] and [SE18] transactions. . Following methods are explained in this tutorial;

  • Method 1: (User Exits)
  • Method 2: (Function Module Exit)
  • Method 3: (Identifying BADI)

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How to Define & Implement BADI in SAP

Business add-ins [BADI] in SAP are enhancements to the standard version of the system. They can be inserted into the SAP System to accommodate user requirements too specific to be included in the standard delivery.

This document describes required steps for defining and implementing BADIs in SAP with screenshots..
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Enhancements, Exits and BADIs Overview in SAP

This presentation will introduce you the enhancement techniques used in standart SAP System. You will also find useful notes for Business Add-Ins (BAdI ). Highlights from the document are:

  • Customer Exits Types: Function Module Exits, Menu Exits, Screen Exits…
  • Enhancement Framework
  • Composite Enhancement Spots
  • Features of Explicit & Implicit Enhancement Points
  • User Exit Demonstration
  • BAdI Definition..Classic BAdIs..BAdIs Implementation
  • Usage of Old ( Classic ) BAdIs versus New BAdIS
  • Multiple Use BAdI..

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Top 5 Cool Technical Developments to Learn

After reading this document you will be able to:

  • Expand your overall understanding of existing proven SAP technologies

-Utilize ABAP Shared Memory to ”buffer” data
-Utilize Web Services to retrieve BI data and consume that data in an MVC BSP application
-Utilize Portal Dynamic System Alias functionality to eliminate dual administration
-Utilize Business Server Pages and HTMLB to easily present BI Report Channels in the Portal
-Utilize Java Pricing exits and BADIs to pass additional information within CRM’s Internet Pricing Engine (IPC)

  • Creatively use these SAP technologies and techniques to deliver solutions in your own environment
  • Learn a basic level of detail so you can prototype a solution within your own company

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Finding BAdI for Particular Transaction

Bu using following two methods you can find any BAdI for any transaction

Method 1:
Go to Tranaction: SE24.
Open the method ” GetInstance”
Put Break point in the statement

call method cl_exithandler=>get_class_name_by_interface Read more

SAP BAdI Introduction

BADIBusiness Add Ins are enhancements to the standard version of the code of SAP. They can be inserted into the SAP system to accommodate user requirements too specific to be included in the standard delivery. Customers can find the possible enhancements (BADIs) in their SAP system in the Implementation Guide (IMG) and in the component hierarchy. BADI definitions are included in the IMG so that the customer can create suitable, company-specific implementations. SAP guarantees the upward compatibility of all Business Add-In interfaces. Release upgrades do not affect enhancement calls from within the standard software nor do they affect the validity of call interfaces. Read more

ABAP Training Set 6: User Exits and BADIs

User Exit and BADI


Chapter 01 User Exits
Chapter 02 Business Addins (BAdi) and more… Read more