SAP FI Cash Journal Configuration Guide

Cash journal is a subsidiary of Bank Accounting used in companies to manage the cash transactions of within a company. SAP calculates and lets the user visualize initial and final balances and the total deposits and payments that occur within a period of time and all of this within one screen.
At the end of this procedure, users will be able to define which document types can be used for each type of business transaction, establish range intervals for each document type, identify the accounts involved in cash journals with their corresponding business transactions for a correct posting and open and close multiple cash journals.
This pdf training course document will providei instructions for configuring Cash Journal in SAP Finance module;

  • Define Amount Limits for Cash Journals per Company and Currency (SM30)
  • Create Documet Types for Different Business Transactions in Cash Journal (OBA7)

    Define Range Intervals for Cash Journal Documents (FBCJC1)

  • Set Up Cash Journals (FBCJC0)
  • Create, Change, Delete Business Transactions (FBCJC2)

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SAP CIN FI General Ledger Configuration Manual

This SAP CIN FI Configuration guide covers the requirements and the customization details of the general ledger transactions.
This includes configuration for chart of accounts and bank related accounting. See below for the content of material;

  • General Ledger (GL) Accounts
  • Master Data, Layouts for Individual Processing, Sample Accounts,

  • G/L Account Creation and Processing
  • Change G/L Accounts Collectively, Edit G/L Account (Individual Processing), Request to Change G/L Account Master Data, Deletion, Line Items, Balances

  • Business Transactions
  • G/L Account Posting, Correspondence: Internal Document

  • Cash Journal
  • Prepare cross-company code transactions

  • Open Item Clearing
  • Bank Account Interest Calculation, Document Reversal, Planning, Closing, Integration

  • Bank Accounting
  • Account Balance Interest Calculation, Bank Accounts

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Step by Step Guide to Cash Journal Configuration in SAP

This is complied for understanding of basic concepts of cash journal configuration with steps of:

  • Creating Cash Journal (T. Code FS00)
  • Define Document Types for Cash Journal Document (T. Code OBA7)
  • Define Number Range Intervals for Cash Journal Document (T Code FBCJC1)
  • Setup Cash Journal (T Code FBCJCO)
  • Create Business Transactions ( T. Code FBCJC2)
  • Cash Journal Entry ( T Code FBCJ)

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