Detailed SD End User Guides for SAP ECC 6.0

This document, yet another step-by-step documentation shared many on this site previously, provides detailed crystal-clear instructions to most used Sales and Distribution (SD) processes with screenshots from SAP ECC 6.0 version. See below list of content;

  • Create Sales Order [VA01]
  • Create Delivery Note for Sales Order
  • Create Transfer Order for Delivery [LT03]
  • Create Billing for Customer
  • Post Receipt of Customer Payment
  • Review Document Flow
  • Create New Customer
  • Create Contact Person for Customer
  • Create Customer Inquiry
  • Create Customer Quotation
  • Create Sales Order Referencing a Quotation
  • Check Stock Status
  • Start Delivery Process
  • Check Stock Status
  • Picking Materials and PGI of Delivery Note
  • Check Stock Status
  • Display Billing Document and Customer Invoice
  • Post Receipt of Customer Payment

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SAP Accounts Receivable Tutorials for Beginners

The Accounts Receivable Module within SAP records all accounting data for customers. Postings made in Accounts Receivable are simultaneously recorded in the General Ledger where different G/L accounts are updated based on the transaction involved. After reading these documents you will;

  • Understand the Accounts Receivable structure within SAP R/3
  • Understand the Key Concepts and Functionality within the Accounts Receivable Module
  • View Customer Master Records
  • Process Customer Manual Invoices and Credit Notes
  • Process Customer Receipts
  • Perform Customer Inquiries
  • Reporting Capabilities

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