Comprehensive SAP Configuration Guide

This is the most comprehensive Customization Guide i have ever met which consists of step step advise for each topics with screen prints and very clear definitions under:

  • General Settings

Define Countries, Set Currencies, Set Calendar etc…

  • Enterprise Structure

Define Company, Maintain Controlling Area, Define Location, Maintain Sales Office, Maintain Storage Location, Assign Company code to company/credit control area/controlling area, Assign Plant to Company code, Assign Sales Organization to Company code, Assign Purchasing Organization to Company code etc…

  • Logistics-General

Configuring Material Master,Field Selection, Maintain Company Codes for Materials Management, Material Types, Define Material Groups/Divisions/Material Statuses/Number Ranges for EANs/UPCs (Barcode), Maintain Authorizations and Authorization Profiles etc…

SAP System Configuration Guide(CIN)

This is a SAP System Configuration Guide for Country Version India (CIN).


Menupath – Logistic General – Tax On Goodsmovement – India (T Code SPRO)
Basic Settings
Maintain Excise Registrations
Maintain Company Code Settings
Maintain Plant Settings Read more