LSMW Guide: Upload Bulk Data in SAP HR System

This LSMW guide meets requirement from the business to upload the mass data in SAP system. Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW) can be used for this activity, which is a handy tool for data uploads.
This document is real handy for a functional consultant to know LSMW and it would help them to successfully complete the task.
A scenario to upload Date of birth for 100 employees in IT 0002 is covered in this step-by-step LSMW manual.

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How to Use LSMW ? Yet Another Step by Step Guide For Beginners

LSMW is one of SAP’s best data conversion and master data creation tools. It is available for most R/3 master and transactional data. LSMW can be used for most conversion and migration tasks and can be accomplished with standard functionality. With a little ABAP coding, you can use LSMW for more complex data conversion activities.

The information below will walk you through the process of creating a simple LSMW. Once you’ve done this you’ll be able to see how useful the tool can be and how LSMW is the right choice for most conversion and migration!

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LSMW Steps for Uploading General Ledger (GL) Master Data in SAP

Not broken into much details but if you are familiar with LSMW Tool, this document will be handy for you to manage uploading General Ledger Master Data in SAP. This document comprises of two parts, in first part author demonstrate recording tool with creating dummy GL Master Data, and then in the second part you maintain famous 14 steps of LSMW tool. Short notes and clear screenshots are provided for each step.

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LSMW Tutorial: Step by Step Uploading Bill of Materials

LSMW tool in SAP, is used to migrate data from legacy systems to R/3 . Four methods are supported in LSMW for transfer of data: Batch Input, BAPI, IDOC or Direct Input. Total of 26 processing steps are available in LSMW, In case of data transfer using Batch Input only 14 steps are required.

In this tutorial, you will be provided a step by step guide to uploading Bill of Material (BOM) data using LSMW tool.

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An Up to Date LSMW Guide: Migration of Vendor Master in SAP

In this up-to-date LSMW document, author covers creation of Vendor Master data in SAP with accounting view using LSMW tool. You will find detailed explanations and screenshots from SAP ECC 6.0 of the following LSMW’s popular steps:

  1. Maintain Object Attributes
  2. Maintain Source Structures
  3. Maintain Source Fields
  4. Maintain Structure Relations
  5. Maintain Field Mapping and Conversion Rules
  6. Maintain Fixed Values, Translations, User-Defined Routines
  7. Specify Files
  8. Assign Files
  9. Read Data
  10. Display Read data
  11. Convert Data
  12. Display Converted Data
  13. Create Batch Input Session
  14. Run Batch Input Session

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LSMW Guide to Upload SAP Master Data Materials

This document shall explain step-by-step instructions with screenshots to use LSMW to create Materials data relevant to SAP Production Planning. Basic Data1, MRP1, 2, 3, 4, work scheduling, Accounting1, costing1 views (Mandatory fields) master data transfer will be demonstrated using Standard Batch / Direct Input method.

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Migrating Material Master into SAP

This document will discuss loading Material Master data using the standard load program RMDATIND and provides a simple guide in how to overcome the common problems in migrating Material Master into SAP.

  • Load methods ( Standard load program RMDATIND, BDC recording of transaction MM01, BAPI – object type BUS1001006)
  • Data structures in the Material Master load program RMDATIND (BMM00, BMMH1, …etc)
  • Common Problems ( Legacy Material Number, Duplicate Materials, Alpha conversion, Taxes, Multiple Plants, Units of Measure..)

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