SAP HR Organizational Management User Manual

Organizational Management in SAP is based on the concept that each element in an organization represents a stand-alone object with individual characteristics. These objects are created and maintained separately, then linked together through relationships to form a network which has the flexibility to handle human resource forecasting, and reporting.

In this SAP HR User Manual, you will find introductory and HR data maintaining notes of following topics,

  • Building Blocks in Organizational Management
  • Relationships between the Organizational Management Objects
  • Organization and Staffing Changes [PPOME]
  • Creating Organizational Unit [PO10]
  • Creating Positions[PO13]
  • Creating Job [PO03]
  • Attaching Person to Position[PO13]

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SAP HR Recruitment End User Manual

In this SAP HR Recruitment End User Tutorial Guide, you will find step by step usage methodologies with screenshots and explanatory instructions for each of the following processes stated below;

  • Maintain Vacancy [PO13]
  • Maintain Advertisement [PBAW]
  • Maintain Applicant Data [PB40]
  • Selection Procedure [PBAE]
  • List of Standard Recruitment Reports

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