SAP Materials Numbers:What, When and Why?


The SAP Material Number (8 digits) is the primary master data element of the SAP MM module. It is used to both describe and record history of purchases made. Material Groups (represented by a 4 digit code) are the hierarchical grouping of like materials. The Material numbers, for each unique material, is generated by the SAP system.

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5 Questions To Know Before Looking For A SAP Job

If you are waiting out for a SAP occupation, it is significant that you recognize a few primary matters on it before yougo for the interview. Th foremost required thing that an interviewer would ask you is what you acknowledge about SAP. Say you give a well solution to this query with a look of confidence in every word you verbalise out, you will have a good time ahead.

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Frequently Used Tables in SAP

Find below the frequently used tables for SAP modules

  • Material Master Tables
  • Sales and Distribution (SD) & Materials Management (MM) Tables
  • Project Systems (PS) Tables
  • Production Planning (PP) Tables
  • Quality Management (QM) Tables
  • Controlling (CO) Tables
  • Finance (FI) Tables

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SAP Questionnaires for Business Blueprint

If you don’t know about Business Blueprint check this post at first.The questionnaires in this package are tools that used to collect information about your business that will be useful for tailoring SAP R/3 System to your business needs.You will find questions forms of the PP,QM,SD,MM and PM modules.A must for all!

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What is a System Organization Model?

When implementing enterprise software solutions, three dependent concepts must always be addressed during the design phase:
1.Organization Model,
2.Business Processes, and
3.Master Data.

 This technical note addresses the first of the three critical elements, the System Organization Model. What is it, and why is it important.

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