Useful Function Modules


This is an article listed few of the SAP function Modules, which are available in the system and can be used for various purposes, Some of them are left undocumented, which are left for further exploration. User may explore them and find out how useful they can be for their purposes. 

1 .WS_DOWNLOAD: File transfer from internal table into presentation server file.

2. WS_UPLOAD: File transfer from presentation server file to internal table. This function Module transfers file from workstation to SAP System. Pass on the name of ASCII file user wants to upload and that gets uploaded in memory.

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Concept and Structure of Tables in SAP

All data in SAP neccesarily sits in tables. A table is nothing but a matirx containing rows and columns which how the database would handle the data. In SAP, each table contains a header. The header defines the fields i.e. columns in the table. Each table also contains data values which are identically configured rows which contain data values. There are normally four types of tables in SAP.

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In this paper following topics covered with Questions and Answer in detail,very useful for beginners;


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Customized Transactions:SE93

One of the most asked question in a SAP interview is whether it is possible to have a self defined transaction code in SAP. The answer to the question is simple and if given tactfully can impress the interviewers.

To start with, yes, self-defined reports, transactions or functions are possible within SAP. There might be numerous reasons why a company might go in for customized transaction codes or for that matter reports.

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Useful Tables and Functional Modules(Updated)


  1. To find all the tables used in a transaction use table : D010TAB (Get the main program of the transaction from SE93)
  2. To find all the tables which contains a specific field use table : DD03L ( For text DD03T)
  3. To find all the segments that contains a specific fields use table : EDSAPPL
  4. To find all the Idoc basic type that contains a specific segment use table: IDOCSYN
  5. To find all the Idoc extensions that contains a specific segment use table: CIMSYN
  6. To find all the parameter Id Use table : TPARA
  7. To get the main program of a include use FM : RS_GET_MAINPROGRAMS

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Frequently Used Procedures in SAP

Disable Multiple Logins in the Same Client

To disable multiple user logins within the same client implement this parameter in the instance profile:

login/disable_multi_gui_login = 1

If you do not use this parameter in your system, users have the ability to ignore the warning window at the time they try to login to the same client.

Activating this parameter in your system will make you look good if you get audited!

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