What is SAP Business Blueprint?

The SAP Business Blueprint phase includes a number of activities, events, milestones and deliverables as described in ASAP (Accelerated SAP) Roadmaps and generally classified as having overall project management significance. The Business Blueprint is the output (or product) of the project design tasks as they are managed in the appropriate tools – the SAP Solution Manager and the ARIS Business Architect for SAP NetWeaver – and the subsequent enterprise design processes. The tools support an architecture driven implementation through a tight integration of the solution (SAP) and the enterprise solution architecture (ARIS).

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SAP Guide for Beginners-Part 2

After reading the first chapter of my little series ‘What it takes to be a self-directed SAP learner‘, The Beginning, you now should be aware of your future career in SAP. 

Of course it’s no easy ride to become a SAP Consultant. For example, to pass the certification, you have to memorize the content of the training manuals – around 4,000 pages. No chance to cheat. It takes an extraordinary will to archive that goal. If you don’t have that mindset, I promise, you will fail. 

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SAP Guide for Beginners-Part 1

So you’re sitting in front of your PC, asking yourself “dude, how do I start learning SAP?” 

Easy, slow down. 
First of all, you have to realize that your current job is the foundation of your SAP career – understand SAP as an extension of your existing profession!

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Finding your SAP Transactions

If you are the kind of person who stores his frequently used SAP transactions in his memory instead of his favorites folder, you might from time to time run out of memory and experience some difficulties to remember a specific transaction code.

On the other hand, if you work with the SAP menu and spare a bit your memory, you might also have some problems from time to time to find your way back in the SAP menu to a specific transaction.

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PDF Creation Within SAP R/3

SAP® offers a feature to create PDF files from spool requests that can then be downloaded directly to your computer.
Call the transaction SA38 and enter the report name RSTXPDFT4.
You can either generate the PDF in foreground, or in background.

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Company and Company Code

In SAP world, very frequently you might be coming across the Word Company and Company Code. Sometimes it is understood that these two words are interchangeable and have the same meaning. But in fact, these are not interchangeable and are two different words with different meaning. Hence one should not derive the same meaning from the two. In SAP, to understand the definition and assignment of enterprise structure and terminology used for different organizational level, it is necessary to understand the following definition of these two words.

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