Step by Step Guide for Solution Manager Certification

In many of the SAP certification exams, there are questions about the Solution Manager. In other words, questions on this topic can appear in exams that are not specifically focused on SAP Solution Manager. Therefore, preparing for SAP Solution Manager certification can provide a benefit to you on other certification exams as well.

In this paper, author explains the processes involved to get certified in Solution Manager, where to find details about the certification exam, how to register for the certification exam, what study materials to use for the exam, and where to find them. At the end of the paper, he also has developed sample questions – the question format is similar to the certification exam questions.

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Configuring and Using the Maintenance Optimizer in SAP Solution Manager

After viewing this presentation you will…

  • Learn about the Maintenance Optimizer in SAP Solution Manager 7.0, the new tool for downloading maintenance updates for SAP NetWeaver 7.0 applications.
  • Obtain a step-by-step guide to the technical configuration process to set up the Maintenance Optimizer.
  • Gain insight into why it’s best and simplest to implement ST-ICO along with the latest support package stack before beginning to set up the Maintenance Optimizer.
  • See how to use the Maintenance Optimizer to download, for example, Support Package Stacks.
  • Discover how to upgrade your Solution Manager’s support package stacks to the highest available level before starting to configure the Maintenance Optimizer.

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Solution Manager 7.0 Work Centers FAQ

This document contains a list of frequently asked questions regarding technical operations in SAP Solution Manager work centers. The relevant work centers are System Landscape Management, System Administration and System Monitoring. Answers to questions are categorized under;

  • General Questions
  • Setup of the Technical Operations Work Centers
  • Roles and Authorizations
  • Using the SAP NetWeaver Business Client as Frontend for SAP Solution Manager
  • Managing and Monitoring Systems using the Technical Operations Work Centers
  • Supported Platforms in Managed Landscapes

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SAP Solution Manager:Definition, Advantages

What it is

SAP Solution Manager is the best way for a new customer to see what business processes come delivered in SAP systems. I meet with many new customers who want to immediately start creating workflows and process flows. SAP Solution Manager answers the question: “What business processes come delivered with SAP – as part of the standard application.”

It is also very useful for Upgrade or system maintenance.

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SAP Solution Manager:Introduction

SAP Solution Manager supports the Customer and the Implementation Partner throughout the entire life-cycle of the solutions, from the Business Blueprint to the configuration and Go-Live stages. It provides central access to tools, methods and preconfigured contents which can be used during evaluation, implementation and operational processing of the SAP systems.


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