SAP SD End User Manual: Step by Step with Screenshots

Being from a real-life project, in this document you will find step by step documentation of the following frequently used SAP SD processes;

  1. Sales Order Creation [VA01, VA02, VA03]
    • Sales Invoice
    • Sales return Saleable goods
    • Sales return Breakage / Expiry
  2. Outbound Delivery against Sales Order [VL01N, VL02N, VL03N]
    • Creationof Outbound delivery
    • Printing of Packing list
    • Post Goods Issue
    • L.R. Entry
  3. Invoice Creation [VF01, VF02, VF03]
    • Creation
    • Print Tax Invoice
  4. Enter Cheque Information
  5. Goods Receipt Note against Purchase Order [MIGO]
    • Creation
    • Printing
    • Cancellation
  6. Stock Transfer and Print Stock Transfer Note [MB1B]
    • Creationof Stock Transfer Note against Purchase order
    • Printing of Stock Transfer Note

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Stock Transfer Between Plants 1-Step and 2-Step in SAP

1- Step Transfer
This process describes to transfer the material stock between plants 1-step. This type of stock transfer can only be carried out in Inventory Management. Neither Shipping in the issuing plant nor purchasing in the receiving plant is involved in the process. Transferring stock in one step has the following characteristics: – The stock transfer is entered as a transfer posting in Inventory Management. Creating a reservation can plan the transfer posting. The quantity of the stock transferred is posted immediately from the unrestricted-use stock of the issuing plant to the unrestricted-use stock of the receiving plant The transfer posting is valuated at the valuation price of the material in the issuing plant. If the plants involved belong to different company codes, the transfer between plants is also a transfer between company codes. In this case, the system creates two accounting documents for the transfer posting. The stock posting is offset against a company code clearing account.

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Stock Transfer Between Storage Locations in SAP

This process describes to transfer the material stock between storage locations. This stock transfer procedure reduces the corresponding stock type at the issuing storage location and increases the same stock type at the receiving storage location. At plant level, the stock level does not change, except that the stock is distributed differently among the storage locations in the plant. The system does not create an accounting document for the material document. A stock transfer from storage location to storage location is possible for all stock types.

This process is triggered when the material stock is to be transferred between storage locations.

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