Step by Step Training Manual for SAP FI Frequently Used Transactions

In the following training manual, you will find a series of step by step guides with screenshots from SAP ECC 6.0 version for General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable transactions:

  1. General Ledger Posting
  2. Changing accounting document
  3. Display accounting document
  4. Posting of vendor advance
  5. Posting of vendor Invoice (FI)
  6. Clearing of vendor advance
  7. Vendor final payment
  8. Vendor invoice with reference to purchase order and TDS
  9. Customer advance posting
  10. Posting of customer Invoice (FI)
  11. Customer advance clearing
  12. Customer payment receipt
  13. Asset acquisition
  14. Check asset overview
  15. AUC settlement to main asset
  16. Depreciation posting
  17. Sale of fixed asset
  18. Cash journal
  19. GL line item display
  20. Vendor line item display
  21. Customer line item display
  22. Reverse document
  23. Entry through F-02
  24. Accural/Defferal Entry – “FBS1”
  25. Reversal Accural/Defferal Entry – “F.81”
  26. Recurring Entry – “FBD1”
  27. Execute Recurring Entry – “F.14”
  28. List of Recurring Enties – “F.15”
  29. Blocking Vendor – “FK05”
  30. Park Vendor Invoice “FV60” Non PO & “MIR7” PO Based
  31. Clear Vendor Account “F-44”
  32. Down Payment Request “F-47”
  33. Advance Payment Request “F-48”
  34. Customer Block “FD05”
  35. Customer Down Payment “F-29”
  36. Cash Journal “FBCJ”
  37. Asset Purchase “F-90”
  38. Asset Sold “F-92”
  39. Depreciation Run “AFAB”
  40. Asset Trf (AUC to Main Asset) “AIAB”

Download Step by Step Training Manual for SAP FI Frequently Used Transactions

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