SAP FI GL Step by Step Training Document

This up-to-date SAP guide provides you brief descriptions, detailed step by step instructions for completing General Ledger related processes. You will be provided screens as well as field-by-field explanations.

Content of this comprehensive document is as follows:
  • General ledger Accounting
    1. Create General ledger master records
    2. G/L Master record changes (Centrally)
    3. Create a G/L Posting documents
      1. F-02 (Single Entry Posting)
      2. FB50 (Multiple line items Posting)
    4. Park Documents
      1. Create park documents
      2. Change parked documents
      3. Display parked documents
      4. Display document changes of parked documents
      5. Post/Delete parked documents
    5. Reverse  Document Entry
      1. Individual / Mass Reversals
      2. Reversal of a Reversed Document
    6. Change Document
    7. Display Document Line Items
    8. Display changes in Document
    9. Display G/L Accounts balances
    10. Display/Change G/L Accounts items
    11. Clear G/L Account
    12. Reset Cleared Items
    13. Process Automatic Clearing
    14. Automatic Clearing with Clearing Currency Specified
    15. Recurring Entries
      1. Recurring Entries
      2. Change Recurring Documents
      3. Display Recurring Documents
      4. Display changes in Recurring Documents
      5. Delete Reference Document(Recurring Entry)
      6. Evaluating Recurring entry Documents
      7. Execute Recurring Entry
      8. Running Batch Input Session
    16. Closing Procedures
      1. Reports
      2. Posting Keys
    17. Frequently Used Transaction Codes
      1. General Ledger
      2. Accounts Payable
      3. Withholding Tax  (TDS)
      4. Asset Accounting

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