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SAP GRC: Overview Presentation

SAP offers a suite of products under GRC umbrella (Governance, Risk and Compliance) which helps organizations to identify risks and effectively elimination of them.

In this presentation you will be introduced 4 main functions that GRC offers where each addresses different needs.

  1. A product to troubleshoot emergency issues in SAP
  2. A product to analyze risks associated with user / roles
  3. A product to manage role build lifecycle.
  4. A product to manage user assignments.

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Actual Flow in SAP CO-PA: Beginners Guide

This manual familiarize users to understand how actual values flow into SAP Controlling – Profitability Analysis (CO-PA). Also how condition type, transfer and allocation cost helps to move actual values in to CO-PA are explained in detail. In addition, it provides an overview of settlement orders and discusses direct postings, variance calculation.

  • Overview of Operating Concern and its Attributes
  • Flow of Actual data in to CO-PA: Demonstration
  • Sources of value field
  • Integration with sales order management [KE41, VA01, FB50]
  • Concept of transfer of Overhead [OKOA]
  • Concept of direct posting [KEI2, MR21]
  • Concepts of transfer & allocation cost
  • Concept of settlement of orders

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SAP EWM: Step by Step Guide to Wave Planning Activities

The purpose of this document is to demonstrate the Wave planning activities in SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) module.

  • Identify Outbound Delivery Order Documents [/n/SCWM/MON]
  • Verify warehouse tasks can be generated by the system for the wave [/n/SCWM/PRDO]
  • Schedule Replenishment [/n/SCWM/REPL]
  • Review Proposed Task [/n/SCWM/TODLV_M]
  • Cartonization Planning for Waves [/n/SCWM/CAPWAVE]
  • Maintain Planned Shipping Handling Units [/n/SCWM/CAP]
  • Release Wave as Locked [/n/SCWM/MON]

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Tips & Tricks to Configure SAP for European VAT (UK, BE, NL Case Study)

In this document you will discover where and why standard SAP will not correctly determine VAT with day-to-day, simple business flows, that occur in your organization. Some of SAP’s shortcomings in VAT determination and their possible solutions are also presented.

Part 1:

  • How to automate typical, complex VAT flows in SAP
  • Introduction to tax determination in SAP
  • Case 1: Drop shipment from the UK and an onward domestic sale within Belgium
  • Case 2: Specifics around Triangulation and (external) party suppliers
  • Case 3: Specifics around Customer pick-ups, where goods leave the country (EXW Deliveries)
  • Tip: Avoid complexity in condition records
  • Case 4: Services

Part 2:

  • Plants Abroad – a step by step implementation guide
  • Automating Tax (VAT) determination on AP invoices (PO’s and IDOCs)

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