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ABAP Debugging Tutorial: Beginner’s Guide

Debugging ABAP Programs in SAP S4/HANA is used to spot programming errors easily when you stop a program or transaction at a certain point. Functional consultants also need to have basic debugging ABAP skills which reduces excessive independence to ABAP teams.
This ABAP Debugging tutorial handbook will help functional and development consultants to get high level of understanding debugger. Following list of topics are covered in the document with example scenarios;

  • ABAP Debugging – Brief Overview
  • Important transaction codes in ABAP Debugging
  • Use of Breakpoint Notions
  • Debugging Screens (/h.. transactions)
  • Watchpoints
  • Changing Variable Values On the Fly
  • Real time Debugging :
    • Debugging pop up screen
    • Debugging of Enhancement
    • Debugging an error message

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Asset Accounting Process in SAP S/4HANA: End Users Guide

Asset Accounting in SAP S4/HANA system (FI-AA) is used to manage and monitore fixed assets. The attached End-user guide provides Asset Accounting processes with a very clear definitions and screenshots from S/4HANA screens. Following list of topics are covered in this guide;

  • How to Create/Change/Display Asset Master Data in SAP S/4HANA ?
  • What are the Daily Asset Accounting Transaction Processes and How to Perform them ?
  • Month-End and Year-End Activities in SAP S/4HANA New Asset Accounting

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ABAP & HANA CDS Views Tutorial Presentation

CDS (Full form: Core Data Services) is a “semantically rich” data definition Language created by SAP. CDS allows ABAP users to define entity types (such as orders, products or business partners, ) and the semantic relationships between them, which correspond to foreign key relationships in traditional entity relationship (ER) models.
After reading this training presentation you will learn;

  • What is CDS and how to create it ?
  • How to Create CDS View using AWS ?
  • How to use CDS View in ABAP ?
  • How to Associate CDS entities ?
  • Aggregate Functions in CDS Views
  • CDS View Parameters
  • How to Create HANA CDS View

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SAP S/4HANA FICO Configuration & End User Guide

The training guide will prepare you to the important required end-to-end implementation steps to configure SAP S/4HANA Finance and Controlling as well as End-User processes.
Author of documents created the document in a way that after each configuration step, an end-user guide follows generally and provides solutions for errors during configuration tasks. Following list of topics and configuration steps are covered in this document;

  • What is the difference between SAP HANA and S4/HANA
  • Enterprise Structure Configuration in FICO
  • Define account group
  • Define retained earning account
  • Define ledger and currency types
  • Define controlling area
  • Maintain number ranges for controlling document
  • Maintain versions
  • Define document types
  • Define document number ranges
  • Fiscal Year and Posting Periods
  • Difference between standard ledger and extension ledger using table approach
  • Define Offsetting Account Determination Type
  • Create Business partner with BP Tcode
  • New asset accounting Configurations

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