SAP HR: Stepwise User Manual to Manage Employee

This document covers basics of managing employee in SAP HR which consists of following steps:

  • Hiring an Employee,
  • Maintenance of the hired employee,
  • Thirdly relieving action,
  • Running the payroll

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Beginner’s Guide to Project Management Process in SAP

The purpose of this Project Management course is to explain the Project Management process in SAP. This process includes the steps to create, maintain, monitor and close a project in system. After completing this manual, you will be able to:

  • List the key roles and responsibilities involved in the Project Management process
  • Explain the processes within Project Management
  • Explain Project Systems
  • Create and maintain a project
  • Monitor and close a project
  • Release a project
  • List the reports involved in the Project Management process
  • Create and maintain project templates and profiles

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SAP PM Notifications: End User Guides

This user guide is intended to teach you how to navigate within the SAP Plant Maintenance System, show you how to create various notifications, and how to view and print reports about the results of your notifications.

  • Chapter 1 – The Plant Maintenance Notification System
  • Chapter 2 – Creating a Plant Maintenance Notification – Corrective (Type 11)
  • Chapter 3 – Managing Plant Maintenance Notifications
  • Chapter 4 – Creating a Plant Maintenance Notification – Special Order (Type 41)

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SAP PM Training Manual

This user guide is intended to teach you how to navigate within the SAP Plant Maintenance module, show you how to manage maintenance planning, notifications and order procedures within system.

  1. Master Data
    • Functional Location create, change, display
    • Work Centre create, Change, display
    • Task Lists
    • Measuring Points
    • Bill of Materials
  2. Maintenance Planning
    • Single Item Plans
    • Multiple item Plans
    • Scheduling of Plans
    • Deadline Monitoring
  3. Notifications
    • Create
    • Change & Display
    • Approve Notification
    • List of Notifications
    • Close Notifications
  4. Orders ( Create, Change, Display)
    • Assign Fund Management
    • Assign material component
    • Assign service Requirements
    • Assign activity type
    • Assign Permits
    • Release Maintenance Order
    • Change/Edit Maintenance Orders
    • Printing Maintenance Orders
    • Display Maintenance Orders
    • Close Maintenance Orders
    • List of Maintenance Orders
    • Sub Orders
    • Issue Permits
  5. Reports

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Step by Step Procedures for Daily Use of SAP FI

This manual provides instructions with screenshots for using the live operations phase of the SAP FI module application. You can use this manual as a guide for performing day-to-day and monthly procedures for the following submodules of Finance module in SAP.

  • General Ledger (FI-GL)
  • Accounts Payable (FI-AP)
  • Accounts Receivable (FI-AR)
  • Bank Accounting (FI-BL)
  • Asset Accounting (FI-AA)

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Step by Step Guide to Maintenance Notification and Work Order in SAP PM

This document provides a step by step manual to learn maintenance notification and work order process in SAP PM Module.

  • Creation of PM Notification [IW21]
  • Release/Display of PM Notification [IW28/IW29]
  • Creation of PM Order [IW31]
  • Release/Display of PM Order [IW38/IW39]

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Learn SAP FI-CO Like Never Before – Comprehensive Manuals

These documents are for anyone with the ambition to have FI-CO customizing skills in SAP. These documents cover an introduction for each topic which you can start from scratch, without prior SAP skills. Includes SAP end user guides before you continue with SAP configuration training.
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