Object Orientation Concept for ABAP Programmers

The purpose of this introduction to Object-orientation is to provide interested readers with a brief overview of this new software development technique. The introduction does not provide a deep understanding of object-orientation and so should not be used as a replacement for a training course or for more detailed reading.  ABAP/4 programming knowledge will help you to understand this introduction. ABAP/4 programming knowledge will help you to understand this introduction. The programming language ABAP/4 was renamed ABAP Objects after the introduction of object orientation. Read more

Internal Tables Concept in ABAP

Internal table is a very important concept in ABAP/4 programming. For a novice programmer, it is essential that He / She understands the underlying concept of internal table. This documentation explains internal table in a very precise and in simple words. It explains from the basics of an internal table and gradually navigating to its features and operations.

In this document it is explained Standard, Sorted and Hashed tables and its operations separately and in the respective order.You will get a clear understanding of Standard Table first and practice and then move to Sorted and Hashed Tables.

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New ABAP Freak Show is Up, managed by SAP experts, has released their new first part of ABAP Freak Show. In this video tutorial Thomas Jung presents an Adobe Flash Islands example implementing Google Maps api in Web Dynpro. Adobe Flash Islands is intoduced in Enhancement Package 1 for SAP Netweaver.( Get more details about Enhancement Packages ). Thomas Jung has also created an introductory video for Adobe Flash Islands and example video tutorial before. View higher quality video of example tutorial  at SDN Pages. You can also get full access to all Thomas Jung’s video tutorials at Blip.Tv and subscribe to RSS.

Abap Objects: An Introductory Article

The programming language like ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) is specially created for developing SAP applications. ABAP Objects is a new concept in R/3 System and you can find its two distinct meanings, one stands for the entire ABAP runtime environment and the other represents the new object-oriented generation of this language.

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Fundamental Guides for Abap Freshers

I know title gives such a sense that as if this post contains a pdf document, that i have been used to do, but no :). Surfing and discovering new sites, i have encountered another good ABAP related site, managed by an SAP Consultant, Manohar Tiwari. He gives expert answers for the most common  question that all ABAP freshers bear on their mind. Answered questions so far are as following;

ABAP Freak Shows: A Must Follow

Following Jon Reed’s twitter who also behind, i have met another great site that founded by a group specialize in enterprise software: The guys there have already created many quality How To video series for ABAP so far. Some of them are:

You will also find posts for Netweaver, Webdynpro, Enhancement Packages and podcasts related to SAP there. Spread word about them, that way we will get more from them

Naming Conventions for Reports

Customer report names follow the convention Yaxxxxxx or Zaxxxxxx, where:

  • The first character must be a Y or Z.
  • The second character represents the application area.
  • The maximum program length is 10.

The second character is the short form for the application area. For example, a customer report for Treasury would follow the convention Z5xxxxxx, while a logistics report would be named Z21xxxxx. Read more