SAP Legacy System Migration Workbench(LSMW)

LSMW an abbreviation for Legacy System Migration Workbench is a tool in SAP that is used to migrate Legacy data into SAP.
It is a very important tool and easy to learn and master it. LSMW has a recording tool which can record the transaction and the fields to be uploaded. Thus upload of master data and transaction data is made very simple in this tool.You can use this tools in almost all modules for upload of master data and too some extent transaction data also. Thus in FI you can upload the following master data through this:Vendors, Customers, General Ledger, Asset master, Bank Master. You can upload Transaction balance through this i.e. an FI document.

In CO you can upload the following master data:Cost element, Cost center, Profit center, Activity types, Internal orders, Statisticalkey figures In other modules likewise you can upload other sets of master data. In this book creation of a Vendor master data with accounting view will be covered.


Create a project, sub project and object
Create Recordings
Maintain object attributes
Maintain Source Structure
Maintain source fields
Maintain Structure relations
Maintain field mapping and conversion rules
Specify file for upload and create a file for upload
Assign files
Read data
Display Read data
Convert data
Display converted data
Create Batch input session
Run Batch input session

Download – SAP Legacy System Migration Workbench(LSMW)

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  1. I want to know LSMW recording batch input format in excel because I am getting error every time that there is no batch in put data. But data is there. I will be thankful if can mail me excel or text file



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