Finding your SAP Transactions

If you are the kind of person who stores his frequently used SAP transactions in his memory instead of his favorites folder, you might from time to time run out of memory and experience some difficulties to remember a specific transaction code.

On the other hand, if you work with the SAP menu and spare a bit your memory, you might also have some problems from time to time to find your way back in the SAP menu to a specific transaction.

Here are 2 tips to find back your transactions. The first one is more targeted towards specialists as you might need advanced authorizations to run it while the second one is more generic and standard.

Using table TSTCT

Executing transaction SE16 on table TSTCT and selecting as language field (SPRSL) ‘EN’ for English, you may try and find transaction codes based on their texts. Note that you may use ‘*’ generic characters in the text search and that the search IS case-sensitive.

Using transaction SEARCH_SAP_MENU

As its name indicates, transactions SEARCH_SAP_MENU searches the SAP menu for a transaction code or text you specify and outputs the directory path to the transactions.

Note that not only transactions are matched against the search text but also transactions directories themselves (they are easily recognized because they have no associated transaction code in the resulting list).

Another big advantage of this method is that the search IS NOT case-sensitive.

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