Frequently Used Transactions for XI Developers

Here are listed an overview of the most frequently used transactions and URLs, aimed at XI developers

XI Transactions
SXMB_IFR Start Integration Builder
SXMB_MONI Integration Engine – Monitoring
SXI_MONITOR XI: Message Monitoring
SLDCHECK Test SLD Connection
SXMB_ADM Integration Engine – Administration
SXI_CACHE XI Directory Cache
SXMB_MONI_BPE Process Engine – Monitoring
SWF_XI_CUSTOMIZING Automatic BPM Customizing


(<host> is the host name of the XI server and <sys#> is its system number)

http://<host>:5<sys#>00/rep/ Exchange Infrastructure Tools
http://<host>:5<sys#>00/sld/ System Landscape Directory
http://<host>:5<sys#>00/rwb/ Runtime Workbench
http://<host>:5<sys#>00/MessagingSystem/ Message Display Tool
http://<host>:5<sys#>00/CPACache/ CPA Cache: Monitoring
http://<host>:5<sys#>00/CPACache/refresh?mode=delta Delta CPA cache refresh
http://<host>:5<sys#>00/CPACache/refresh?mode=full Full CPA cache refresh
http://<host>:5<sys#>00/nwa/ SAP NetWeaver Administrator
http://<host>:5<sys#>00/mdt/channelmonitorservlet Communication Channel Monitoring


ABAP Transactions
SE38 ABAP Editor
SE11 ABAP Dictionary
ST22 ABAP dump analysis
SPROXY ABAP Proxy Generation
SE80 Object Navigator
ST05 Performance Trace
ABAPDOCU ABAP Documentation and Examples
SE37 ABAP Function Modules
SE24 Class Builder


Administrative Transactions
SM21 Online System Log Analysis
SMQ1 qRFC Monitor (Outbound Queue)
SMQ2 qRFC Monitor (Inbound Queue)
SMQ3 qRFC Monitor (Saved E-Queue)
RZ70 SLD Administration
SM59 RFC Destinations (Display/Maintain)
SICF HTTP Service Hierarchy Maintenance
STRUST Trust Manager
SM04 User List
RZ20 CCMS Monitoring


IDoc Transactions
BD87 Status Monitor for ALE Messages
IDX1 Port Maintenance in IDoc Adapter
IDX2 Meta Data Overview in IDoc Adapter
IDX5 IDoc Adapter – Monitoring
WE02 Display IDoc
WE05 IDoc Lists
WE09 Search for IDocs by Content
WE19 Test tool
WE20 Partner Profiles
WE21 Port definition
WE60 Documentation for IDoc types
SALE Display ALE Customizing
SM58 Asynchronous RFC Error Log


Miscellaneous Transactions
SE16 Data browser
SE93 Maintain Transaction Codes
SM30 Call View Maintenance
SU01 User Maintenance
SM02 System Messages

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