SAP PP Scheduling: Intro Guide for Beginners

This document, created by Ajay Nagargoje, provides a comprehensive overview of the SAP Production Planning (Scheduling) module, which is a critical component in the manufacturing process. Scheduling plays a crucial role in determining the start and end dates/times for production orders or operations, enabling efficient resource allocation and planning.

The document delves into the concept of scheduling in SAP PP, discussing the two primary methods: Basic Date Scheduling and Lead Time Scheduling. It also explores various scheduling types, such as Backward, Forward, Current Date, and Capacity Requirement Scheduling, each serving a specific purpose in the production planning process. Additionally, the document covers the concept of Scheduling Margin Keys, which allow for the inclusion of buffer times and float periods, ensuring accurate scheduling calculations.

Key topics covered in the document are:

  1. Introduction to SAP Production Planning (Scheduling)
  2. Basic Date Scheduling
    • Inhouse Production Time
    • Planned Delivery Time
    • MRP-2 View Settings
  3. Lead Time Scheduling
    • Routing Operation Times
    • Capacity Requirements
  4. Scheduling Types for Production Orders
    • Backward Scheduling
    • Forward Scheduling
    • Current Date Scheduling
    • Capacity Requirement Scheduling
  5. Scheduling Margin Key
    • Opening Period
    • Float Before Production
    • Float After Production
    • Release Period
  6. Configuration Paths
    • Scheduling Types
    • Scheduling Margin Key

Download – SAP PP Scheduling: Intro Guide for Beginners

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