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Find below the materials from web.mit.edu which is a university education site for introduction to SAP, Financial operations, Purchasing,  Payment, Advanced Reports, tips and tricks.

Introduction to SAP

SAP Modules
Environments and Clients
SAP Financial Terminology
Transactional Data
Master Data
Requirements for Using SAP
Logging On and Off
Windows NT, 98/95

Basic Screen Features

SAP User Menu Screen
Navigation Area
Changing the Display Options
Startup Menu
SAP Screens
SAP Screen Features
Screen Header
Menu Bar
Standard Toolbar
Title Bar
Application Toolbar
Screen Body
Status Bar
SAP Buttons

Working in SAP

Transaction Codes
Using a Transaction Code
Finding a Transaction Code
Displaying a List of Recently Used Transaction Codes
Multiple Sessions
Creating a New Session
Moving Among Sessions
Closing a Session
Types of Matchcodes
Hit List Matchode
Restrict Value Range Matchcode
Calendar Search Matchcode
Workflow Inbox
Accessing Your Inbox
Reviewing a Work Item
Printing in SAP

Tips and Optional Features

SAP User Settings
SAP User Profile
Setting Your User Defaults
Finding Your Printer
Setting Your User Address
Setting Your User Parameters
Creating a Favorite
Maintaining Favorites
Organizing Favorites into Folders
Changing Screen Colors and Font Sizes on the SAPgui

Change or Create a New Color Scheme (SAP release 6.10 or above)
Change the Color Scheme (SAP release 4.6 or below)
Change the Font Size (SAP release 6.10 or above)

Change or Create a New Color Scheme
Change the Font Size Screen Resolution
Adjust the Screen Resolution
Help Window
Change the Help Window
Table Screen Layout
Create the Table Screen Layout

Financial Operations


Departmental Financial Planning
F&A Underrecovery on Research WBS Elements
G/L Account List
Internal Provider Billing
Journal Vouchers
Journal Voucher Uploads
Labor Distribution System
Manual Funds Reservations

Purchasing & Payment


Approving SAP Requisitions
Requisitioning in SAP

Purchasing Reports:

Purchasing Overview by Vendor
Purchasing Overview by Cost Collector
Payment Report
VIP Credit Card Verification
Parked/Posted Credit Card Transactions Report



The Basics

Reporting Fundamentals

Financial Management Reports

Summary Statement
Detail Transaction Report (DTR)
Account Managers Report (AMR)
Closing Status Report

Transaction Reports

Parked/Posted Credit Card Transactions Report
Parked/Posted Journal Vouchers Report
Manual Funds Reservation Document Report

Profit Center Reports

Recapitulation of Expense Report
Profit Center Volume Report
Fund Analysis Report

Research Reports

Research Volume Report
Analysis of Expired/Overrun Accounts Report
Aging Report for Departments, Labs, and Centers
Customer Balance Display
MIT Customer Line Items
Customer Addresses
Sales Contract per WBS Element

Purchasing Reports

Purchasing Overview by Vendor Report
Purchasing Overview by Cost Collector Report
Payment Report

Advanced Topics and Tips


Creating a Personal Matchcode List
Creating a Personal List
Displaying the Original Matchcode List
Deleting Values From the List
Keeping the Matchcode List Displayed (PC only)
Displaying Names and Keyboard Shortcuts for SAP Buttons (PC only)
SAP Adjustment Keys
Displaying the SAP Adjustment Keys
Sample Employee Benefit and Overhead Adjustment Keys
SAP Lab Allocation Keys
Displaying the SAP Lab Allocation Keys
Lab Allocation Keys
CEMIT-9 Cost Element Group: Modified Total Direct Costs (MTDC) Base/NonBase
Displaying the Cost Element Group Structure
CEMIT-9 Cost Element Group
CEMIT-G Cost Element Group: MIT Fund Fee (MTDC) Base/NonBase
Displaying the Cost Element Group Structure
CEMIT-G Cost Element Group
CEMIT-H Cost Element Group: Total Direct Costs (TDC) Base/NonBase
Displaying the Cost Element Group Structure
CEMIT-H Cost Element Group

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