What is Web Dynpro?

Generic Definition : WebDynpro is a great modeling environment whitch stores the user-interface details in the form of metadata. We can write less code and fix bugs in a shorter time with lesser effort. It increases a programmer’s productivity by manifolds.

Webdynpro is nothing but one framework for developement of user interface for use with SAP NetWeaver.It support programming for different platform such as JAVA ,ABAP,.NET .

In case of JAVA webdynpro comes with extensive design tool .Thease tools are based upon Eclipse framework ans SAP’s NWDS

Technical Definition : WebDynpro is a client-independent programming model used for developing sophisticated user interfaces for web based business applications.

History: The name WebDynpro , Dynpro means Dynamic Program it is SAP’s Legacy technology for interactive UI’s.It is to Combine High Interactivity (dynamic GUI) and Zero Installation.

What are the naming conventions to be followed while developing Web Dynpro applications?

Web Dynpro context names should use only the characters A..Z, a..z, 0..9, _ . Digits can be used only from 2nd position. The JAVA naming conventions can be followed but avoid using unicode characters to keep the names simple. However one should avoid using the prefixes wd, WD or IWD since these are the prefixes used during generation of internal coding entities.

Basic Concepts

1. View – is the central logical layout element in the Web Dynpro application.It is responsible for the presentation logic and for the browser layout.

Description of a visible screen area
Contains and lays out controls (aka widgets)
Defines actions (i.e. relevant input on controls by the user), which trigger event handling

2. Controller – active part of web dynpro application,handles the data flow between the model and the view in both directions

Performs event handling
Each component has a component controller
Each view has a view controller
Custom controllers may be added for further structuring

3. Model – is the interface to the back end systm and is responsible for providing data to the entire application.

Represents the data in the backend

4. Component

Reusable UI program package
Mostly contains views, often uses models
Communicates with other components via component interfaces

5. Application

Something runnable (from client application, i.e. web browser)
Identified by URL
Running an application means starting a component, navigating” to an initial view in an initial window.

6. Windows

Single UI unit representing a component’s user Interface/View Composition needed for embedding purposes.

7. Context

A controller contains a context which holds the data. The data flow between the contexts is referred to as context mapping..

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  1. i work for disney and everytime i use there website to view my pay stubs it tells me my system is not suppoted by web dynpro.how can i get this system?

  2. I work for Canada Post and everytime I try to look up my info on ESS it tells me that my browser/program does not support webdynpro. Not sure what to do so I can view my info online. Can you help me?

  3. Are you using Internet Explorer 8? (If you have Windows 7 on your computer, IE8 is the default browser.) If so, that is the problem, as most Web Dynpro applications are set to default to IE6.

    The easy work-around for this is to either revert to IE7 or to install another supported browser, such as Firefox. I was having the same problem, and installed Firefox. Using Firefox, I was able to see my paystubs.

  4. Amendment to my previous reply…

    A new browser is not needed. Use the Compatibility View instead (the little broken page icon at the right of the address bar in the top of your IE window). This should load your program fine by using IE 7 parameters.

  5. I too am getting the message that my browser does not support web dynpro. I even downloaded firefox 3.6 and am still not able to get to my timesheet. I have a co-worker that can use his personal computer with Firefox.

  6. i work for nc dot i can not get my timesheet to come up it tells me that i need web dynpro i do i get this

  7. Thanks Brian! I was also having problems viewing my employers information. I used the broken page icon at the top of the screen and the page loaded fine. Thx again

  8. I am running Windows 7 with Internet Exploror 8. I tried to Login to a training site and got the following error:

    “Sorry, your browser/program is not supported by Web Dynpro!”

    What version of Internet Explorer is needed for Web Dynpro?

    I need to know quickly.

    Please email me answer quickly.

  9. i work at us postal service .when i want to access my account it says that your browser is not supported by web dynpro,what can i do to access that.tx

  10. I also work for the USPS, and Brian’s suggestion worked great!!! Thank you so much Brian!

  11. My computer browser does not support web dynpro, how do i get it, so that i can access my company web portal.

  12. Hello
    I have IE9 and I am also getting the same thing when I try to view my paystubs on my computer.. would this be because I have IE9. thanks

  13. IE 9 vista 32 bsnl broadband user UP (E) circle\r\nwhen i try to check my usage and login by using appropriate id and password i find a page containing Sorry, your browser/program is not supported by Web Dynpro! i use (http://selfcare.ndc.bsnl.co.in/irj/portal to enter
    i have apple safari too bt still unable to check my usage
    please help me as i m not technically expert

  14. please download the fire fox browser.then open the your bsnl broad band acc in firefox browser.you can access it.

  15. Everytime i try to look up my paystub or work info on me fro my job i can’t because this always pop up Sorry,your browser/program is not supported by web dynpro. i need help soon as possible. Thanks

  16. i use firefox 4 and i can’t access my paystubs either, only the same “Sorry, your browser/program is not supported by Web Dynpro!” error message as all the ei users. help please!

  17. iam using inernet explorer version 9.whenever,i browse web sbihrms for my salary pariculars, i receive a message stating”sorry,your programme/browser is not supported by web dynpro”.Please advise as to how to overcome this problem

  18. Thanks Brian. The Compatibility View worked perfectly and I didn’t have to download Firefox.

  19. Help with Web Dynpro. As many have already mentioned, I too work for Canada Post and cannot open personal information pages in my corporate website portal due to the following error “Sorry, your browser/program is not supported by Web Dynpro!”.

    However, I am using Mac OS X Tiger 10.6.8 and Firefox 5.0.1, the latest version for Mac. I have also tried Safari for Mac, Internet Explorer 5.0 for Mac and had no results. Please help. Thanks.

  20. @ Brian thanks so much for this info….I have been trying to figure this out for months now! Wow I am so greatfull I ran into this today.

  21. Hi Lori, I was hoping someone had an answer for Mac as well, this is what I am using with FF 6.0.2. I can’t seem to find any answers anywhere. I will keep trying and come back to this forum and let you know if I find anything. I just looked at your post date so you’ve probably have it figured out by now.:-)

  22. thanks Brian, it worked like a charm. I tried every browser I could think of , but your idea of using the compatibility view was all I needed. Its because the website was designed for an older browser!

  23. For a very long time I been trying to access to my job company web site and try see my personal information always without a positive result, thanks to Brian coments finaly today have access to that information to enroll in insurance benefits thank to the little broken page icon at the right of the address bar, sometimes I have to start over due to time expired but that really doesn’t matter, the importat is I get in.
    Thank Brian, good bless you.

  24. Called the IT for my company after getting the message ” this browser/program does not support Web Dynpro” the IT guy explained the fault is on their end and you can simply click the compatibility mode button at the top of your browser or by pressing F12 a window should pop up with the option to run in Internet Explorer 7 compatibility. Hopefully this helps, Merry Christmas.

  25. I’m trying to pull up my check stub but it keeps telling me i’m not supported by web dynpro. can someone please help me and let me know what i need to do to fix this? Also what is web dynpro and why does it keep popping up . thanks alot

  26. Brian, all…
    I tried to use compatibilty view in ie9, then ie 7,8 etc, still does not change for me, I lose the sorry dynpro message, but I basicaly get a blank screen, like the pay stub would be trying to load, but never does? Any ideas.? My coworker changes his to Comp. view and it works for his PC. We are both on ie9, windows 7
    Thanks Kevin

  27. I am getting the same “sorry” message. I have tried using compatibility view and it doesn’t do anything…I still get the same error. I’m running IE9 on Windows 7. Is there an actual solution to this problem besides changing to a different browser?

  28. get any version of firefox and download the “User Agent RG 1.0” from the firefox addon site. It doesnt show up when you just search in the addon menu, you have to view all results. Then after that addon is installed, change the User agent to IE 7 or lower. Also it seems to work with old versions of Firefox as well. I dont know if this stupid WebDyn Pro actually has issues with IE but its pretty dumb if I can just fake the User Agent line and it works perfectly in Firefox. Maybe someone could fix this crap.


  30. I’m trying to get into my company SAP timesite but keep getting Sorry,your browser/program is not supported by web dynpro. Does anyone have solution to my problem? Running IE 9 window 7.

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