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SAP NetWeaver 7.0 Dual Stack Refresh Procedure Guide

This document is designed to provide a comprehensive guide to performing a system refresh on an SAP Netweaver 7.0 (2004s) Dual Stack system. It was developed on a BW system, so for other system types, there may be alternate or adjusted steps required

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WebDynpro Navigation & Component-Orientation

WebDynpro is SAP’s new approach for web application development. Developers are supposed to create their applications with visual tools that require little knowledge concerning implementation details. Hence, most of the source code is generated by the used development environment. The WebDynpro approach allows developers to separate presentation- and business-logic. In addition, WebDynpro Applications are operating system independent. Developers can create WebDynpro Applications using either ABAP- or Java-technology.

This paper aims to describe opportunities provided by WebDynpro technology regarding front-end design, navigation logic and reusability. Besides, it focuses on the Java-personality of the SAP Web Application Server and, therefore, deals with the Netweaver Development Studio regarding application design. Read more

Web Dynpro- 4 Days Training

This 4 Days Training slides gives core concept of Web Dynpro for newbies

  1. Day 1- Web Dynpro Introduction: In this presentation you will learn what Web Dynpro is and understand basic components of this tool
  2. Day 2- Context: This presentation gives Context term definition and use of Context Editor. Besides you will also learn Context Mapping and use of Data Modeler
  3. Day 3- UI Generation: You will learn how to create table UI elements, tree UI elements and fill them with data from context. Also you will get to know defining message text using Web Dynpro and three types of value help.
  4. Day 4- Adaptive RFC: After completing this unit you will understand what adaptive RFC is, and learn how to bind Web Dynpro context to adaptive RFC based model.

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BW Tutorials, Documents, Learning Guides

Relating to SAP BW, you can find tutorials, learning guides, pdf documents for authorizations, performance tuning, front end designing, Online Analytical Processing(OLAP) and many more files @


New ABAP Freak Show is Up, managed by SAP experts, has released their new first part of ABAP Freak Show. In this video tutorial Thomas Jung presents an Adobe Flash Islands example implementing Google Maps api in Web Dynpro. Adobe Flash Islands is intoduced in Enhancement Package 1 for SAP Netweaver.( Get more details about Enhancement Packages ). Thomas Jung has also created an introductory video for Adobe Flash Islands and example video tutorial before. View higher quality video of example tutorial  at SDN Pages. You can also get full access to all Thomas Jung’s video tutorials at Blip.Tv and subscribe to RSS.

Currency Translation: Step by Step Guide

Currency translation allows you to translate key figures with currency field that are present at the InfoProvider level with different currencies to a specific currency on the fly while executing the report. It can also be used in transformation rules to translate the amount key figures with different currencies to a standard currency while loading the data into BW data targets. The document explains the step by step procedure to implement the currency translation scenario. Read more

Reporting Tools in SAP

There are several methods to generate reports in SAP, including

  • ABAP List Processing (ABAP programming)
  • ABAP Query Reporting
  • Ad Hoc Query Reporting
  • Structural Graphics Reporting
  • Executive Information System
  • SAP Information System (report trees)

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