Weekly SDN Blog Updates: Barcode for Smartforms, Text Objects, ABAP Objects and more

Welcome to this week’s wrapup. There are a lot of updates;

  1. BARCODE In Smartforms: How to create, customize BARCODe in Smartforms
  2. This blog explains the creation of a BARCODE in smartforms and a Method to change TIMEZONE in SAP as well. Helpful documents for ABAP community creating smartforms with specific BARCODE functionality as asked by certain clients.

  3. Questioning Skills of Consultants; Asking the Right questions
  4. This blog discusses the approach of asking the right questions by Business Analysts and Technical developers to the right stakeholders.

  5. SAP + BusinessObjects = BI Self Services?
  6. Please read this blog if you want understand why summation of SAP and BusinessObjects is BI Self Services but not something else

  7. Calculating Number of Working Days in Query Level
  8. Calculating number of working days between two dates(e.g.YTD- From 1st January to Current Day) and using it for calculations in queries is a very general case for reporting models. This blog gives a solution for these type of calculations using factory calendars maintained in BW.

  9. ABAP Objects: Creating a Custom SAP ERP HCM Class Library
  10. For the past decade the advantages of ABAP Objects has been described time and again. Although the advantages of ABAP Objects are evident, many ABAP developers still neglect to write object-oriented (OO) programs. One reason for this could be a lack of hands-on examples of how to get started with ABAP Objects programming. In this article, a class library skeleton for OO programming within the area of SAP ERP Human Capital Management (HCM) will be introduced. To benefit from this blog you should be well acquainted with both ABAP Objects and HCM.

  11. Debug Node in Smartform
  12. Use of this blog is to provide the quick review the functionality of any part of code in the smartform. This will make the analysis fast without making any changes in the smartform or any calling program and there is no need to debug all nodes of the smartform before reaching to the final node, which we want to debug.Effective mostly in Production server where the authorisation for certain transactions is not given.

  13. An Insight of Text Objects
  14. This article will cover following topics:- 1. What is Text Objects & Text IDs 2. Function Modules for storing, retrieving & deleting text objects 3. Code snippets for much understanding 4. Conclusion

  15. XI/PI: BPE Admin – logical deletion of a process instance
  16. Learn how to properly delete incorrect process instances instead of using transaction SWWL for this purpose.

  17. BADI using Enhancement Framework
  18. The blog explains the BADI concept both from definition and implementation point of view with reference to the new enhancement framework.

  19. How to trigger the Process Chains in BW from ECC
  20. This weblog gives clear picture about how to trigger Process Chains in BW System from ECC System using Event.

  21. XI Basics: Generic Message Interface
  22. There may be occasions where you need to create an interface that accepts more than one type of document. This blog describes one way of doing this.

  23. SAP Workflows with PC Application
  24. This blog will give the brief idea about using the MS-Excel,Ms-word and other PC Applications with in workflows to fullfill the need of Business Process.

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