Weekly SDN Blog Updates

Day by day i’m diving more into three main pages of SDN; Blogs, Wiki and Forums. Indeed anyone can learn a lot just following  these sections from scracth. By today i will try to collect selective SDN Blog pages that i do regularly follow. This week’s updates;

  1. Why Is My Workflow Not Triggered – Through Event?
  2. This question is commonly asked in the forum. Why is my workflow not triggered? What might be the issue? Where should I start looking into this issue? And how do I fix it? This blog is going to provide you clues to those questions.

  3. Web Dynpro Tip: Increase performance through parallel execution
  4. Backend calls are expensive especially when you do need to execute many after each other. This blog explains how you can execute backend calls in parallel to increase performance in your Web Dynpro application.

  5. MM – Check List to detect and solve Release Strategy Issues
  6. This blog is a check list to detect and solve release strategy issues in the purchasing documents.

  7. Consulting reflections of a newbie
  8. Junior Consulting, First Implementations, Getting to grips with SAP from the ground up, Graduates

  9. Using Rules in Process to filter elements in a list
  10. This blog describes how to filter a list of items based on a set of conditions and set corresponding values using Rules in Process.

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