Weekly SDN Blog Updates #5: Useful Aggregates Tips, SAP Query Tutorial, TDMS, ABAP Objects And More…

Since i started this regular topic of updates from SDN Blogs, i pay more attention, become aware and learn a lot from these pages. Hope you can benefit from them also. Many useful documents i have come across this week as follows;

  1. Alternative Ways of Handling Excel Files in SAP XI/PI
  2. You have to read or write out MS Excel files during an integration case via SAP XI/PI? In this weblog author tries to provide the reader with a draft solution that he/she can enhance to their own use.

  3. TDMS Project Preparation
  4. Author presents introductory informative article on TDMS for any company considering using the tool

  5. Useful Tips on Aggregates
  6. Aggregates are subsets of InfoCube data, where the data is aggregated and kept in a structure of InfoCube, which the purpose is to reduce the amount of data that must be read in the database and accelerate query response time. This blog gives some useful tips on aggregate creation and maintenance for tuning query performance.

  7. OO Programming with ABAP Objects: Classes and Objects
  8. In his first part of series, the author explains how to develop object-oriented programs in ABAP Objects with starting the creating simple classes and using the in programs.

  9. Calculating Daily Average Stock Quantity or Value in BeX Query Designer
  10. It is not a simple and straight forward procedure to calculate daily average stock quantity/value in Bex as stock quantity/value is a non-cumulative key figure in SAP BW MM-IC model. This blog thinks over this issue to inspire some solutions for the problem.

  11. SAP Query Tutorial: Report of PO Payment Status
  12. In this tutorial, author shows how to create a report of PO payment status

  13. SAP WM and EWM – When and Where?
  14. With ever increasing focus on Supply Chain Execution Performance, many organizations are going ahead implementing stronger and comprehensive warehouse management solutions. Efficient warehouse operations, process granularity and enhanced integration with supply chain are becoming more and more important. In this blog author discusses how SAP Warehouse Management solutions would help customers to address their needs.

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