Variances in Invoice Verification

The system needs to be configured properly with ‘Tolerances’ so that you are not hampered with variances when you try Invoice Verification. You need to define the lower and upper limits for each combination of the Company Code and the tolerance key defined for the various variances. The system then checks these tolerance limits and issues warnings or prevents you from proceeding further when you process an invoice.

‘Variances’ arise because of mismatch or discrepancies between the invoice and the PO against which the invoice has been issued. Normally you will encounter:

  1. Price variances: If there is a discrepancy in invoice price and PO item prices.
  2. Schedule variances: If the planned delivery date is later than the invoice postings.
  3. Quantity variances: If the delivered quantity (or delivered quantity less the previously invoiced quantity) is not the same as that of the invoiced quantity. When the invoiced quantity is more than the GR, the system requires more GRs to square off the situation.

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  1. Hi guys, or girls,

    i have some question for this theme “Invoice verification”. or exactly said for the consequence of that : Price difference.

    – When exactly the price difference calculated?
    at Good received-(migo)-material doc- finacial doc- price diff.
    or at invoice received ?

    – What are compared exactly?
    The PO-datas- versus GR-datas?
    or the Invoice datas versus GR-datas,
    or the Invoices datas versus PO dtas?

    I think the logic say, it must compared the GR-datas, and Invoiced datas, but im not sure.

    Can anyone help me in this issue?



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