Unplanned Delivery Cost in Logistics Invoice Verification

Unplanned delivery costs are not known at the time of purchase order creation and hence these are not specified in the purchase order. These are only entered at the time of vendor invoice posting. For these cost no provision is made while posting the goods receipt. In case of unplanned delivery costs, the system does not check the purchase order for planned delivery costs. These costs are posted in exactly the same manner as subsequent debits/credits.
Find below end-user manual for this process

Download – Unplanned Delivery Cost in Logistics Invoice Verification

1 thought on “Unplanned Delivery Cost in Logistics Invoice Verification”

  1. I understand SAP’s concept of planned and unplanned delivery costs.
    I think I miss the link to reality . . . suppose I have a purchase order with planned (=estimated) delivery costs. Now the invoice from the carrier comes in …. how do I know that these are the costs that I planned for or not?
    Or do I consider this always as ‘planned’? If so, what is the posting if the amount on the invoice is higher than my planned delivery costs?

    Hope you can shed some light.


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