Reduce Your ABAP Development by Using the Mass Maintenance Tool

There are two ways to make mass changes to master and transactional data. The core MASS transaction code enables certain master data fields to be changed all at once. This eliminates the need for users to update fields manually or write one-off ABAP code to make the change. The other way to make mass changes is via the mass change icon in the customer, vendor, or GL account open item transactions.

Did you know that there is a way to change the accounting clerk of 5,000 customers in a matter of minutes without writing a program? Did you know that you can update the baseline date for vendor invoices for a range of vendors at the same time? When you need to perform large changes to master data, do you normally write a custom program to facilitate this?

In this paper author will show you how to use transaction MASS, which master data objects you can use, and how to schedule a mass update job. Further, he will look into how you can change large amounts of financial transactional data at once through the classic display line item transaction codes.

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