Comprehensive SD User Manual – A Must for Beginners

This guide contains the information you need to understand and and learn the processes used in SAP Sales and Distribution area. In each topics you will find very good introduction and step by step guides with screeenshots are provided for procedures. A brief overview of covered topics are as follow:

  • Part 1 describes concept of Master Data, Pricing Condition records used in SD Module and shows the processes done under each topics.
  • Part 2 covers all the business processes used in Sales MTO, Agent Sales, Returning Sales Order, Exports under Bond, Exports under LOU, Reversal of Post Goods Issue, Trading sales, Cancellation of Invoice, and many more which will be very useful for end-users.
  • And finally in Part 3 you will learn the most common reports used in SAP SD module.

Download – Comprehensive SD User Manual

4 thoughts on “Comprehensive SD User Manual – A Must for Beginners”

  1. Great website and very helpful!!

    Is there any possibility to get ‘A Step by Step Guide to the SAP SD Sales Order Processing Configurations’ pdf file some how?

    Suman Mittal

  2. Suman, thanks for complimets. In terms of configuration documents, I’m sharing them immediately as I have them. Yet, will bear in my mind your request and upload it if possible.

  3. Thank you so much for great work of sharing SAP material and its really very helpful in terms of follwing the configuration from beginning to top!! I have not found such a good website and material before!! I am also now at confortable level of SAP SD, and taken on line training for BI as well. would take CRM after i get job in SAP world.. I have a question and that is if there any conprehensive interview questions with answers pdf file that you can share so i make sure where do i fit so far!!

    Please let me know if posible.

    Thanks so much again

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