Step by Step SAP SD Configuration Document

Similar to the SAP SD Configuration Material I shared with you previously, also in this 100 pages document you will find step by step configuration steps detailed in notes with screenshots. Following and more configurations are covered in this guide;

  • Enterprise Structure Configuration:
  • Define Sales Organization, Define Distribution Channel, Define Division, Assign Sales Organization to Company Code, Assign Distribution Channel to Sales Organization, Assign Division to Sales Organization…

  • Sales and Distribution Configuration:
  • Define Condition Types, Maintain Pricing Procedure, Assign G/L Accounts, Maintain Output Types, Define Sales Document Types, Define Number Ranges for Sales Documents, Define Item Categories…

  • General Logistics Condiguration:
  • Assign Update Group at Item Level, Assign Update Group at Header Level

Download – Step by Step SAP SD Configuration Document

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  1. Dear All,

    Would you like to share SAP SD & FICO Configuration Document ? Appreciate for your help, thanks.



  2. Could help me to provide the total “configuration with screen short for SAP SD”.,and Interview question for the same.
    It will very helpfull in future, so please help.

    Partha Sarathi Nandy

  3. Please sir i wish to have notes on logistics. That is mm and sd. also the configuration notes on them.
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