SAP SD Configuration Material Download – Best One So Far!

SAP Configuration related guidelines, info are rare to find on web environment currently. However this one is the best I have come accross for SD Module so far, at least in freely available documents. I did not have time to check all but 363 pages of this guide does not only provide you configuration procedures, but also extend content with end-user notes too. Starting with a simple ERP ve SAP concept definition, in the ongoing pages you will be introduced each topics, then you will be provided SAP IMG Path of all configurations with screenshots supported. Most important tables and fields in each topics are also provided. Just some of the configuration topics from the very first of pages that you convince you about this guide’s quality

  • Enterprise Structure – Define Company, Company Code, Sales Organization, Distribution Channel, Division, Sales Area, Sales Group, Plant, Storage Location, Shipping Point
  • Enterprise Structure – Assign Company code to Company, Sales Organization to Company Code, Distribution Channel to Sales Organization, Division to Sales Organization, Plant to Company Code
  • Master Data – Define Account Group, Number Range, Assign Number range to Customer Account Groups, Define Regions, Define Sales District, Price Group, Price List, Shipping Conditions and etc…

Download – SAP SD Configuration Material

15 thoughts on “SAP SD Configuration Material Download – Best One So Far!”

  1. I understand about your request Vinny, CRM related documents are not easy to find indeed. I guess SDN site is the only place you can find useful documents.

  2. I am getting I/O error while downloading this document. could you pls fix. Thanks for wonderful effort and i think this is really a nice doc

  3. Hello,

    I getting trained into SAP (HR) so i got a file form (training and event management) that was very good. as like you have uploaded so many files for End-User purpose in FICO-SD-MM modules so i need to a have some end user manual in sap HR this site does have this manuals in HR but these file dont open. i tried a lot, can i have some data in sap hr..
    1. SAP hr confrigution guide.
    2. ESS/MSS referance training manual.
    3. Travel Management refernce training manual.
    you would be very thank full if you could arrange this for us.

    thanks in advance.

    Thanks & Regards
    Nikhil jain

  4. @Nikhil configuration documents are not easy to find. will put here if i find so. end-user manuals possible, I’m already sharing if i gain any useful material.
    Keep following updates.

  5. Hello,

    Actually still i am getting practice on Payroll (india) and (US). i am working on a blue print of some of the company so i have been facing some problem when i try to confrigue in US payroll. so could you let me know by any document regarding US payroll which could help out about the contents of US payroll like ( training and event management), and some steps along with screen shots while we confrigue the PF,HRA, Basic pay, car convence etc. for this your ( training and event management) is a best example i want same like that document which could just help us out that how to these steps. please sir this time help plz in case of payroll..

    Thanks and regards
    Nikhil jain

  6. hello,

    either please guide me for any website from where i can pick the data related to my requirment which i told you above msg.

    Thanks & Regards
    Nikhil jain

  7. hi, sir,

    any documents on payroll .

    • Generation of Payroll Periods
    • Absence Valuation
    • Time wage type Valuation
    • Pay Scale Structure Configuration
    • Wage type Configurations
    • Payroll Status
    • Payroll Process Overview
    • Deductions
    • Infotype Maintenance
    • Garnishments
    • Tax Calculation and Verification
    • Creation of Symbolic A/C and map with wage types and GL A/C
    • Payroll Postings to FI
    • Generation of Posting Dates
    • Processing Classes
    • Cumulation Classes
    • Evaluation Classes
    • Payroll Schema


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