ABAP HR – Stepwise User Manual

ABAP HR is the development of ABAP in the area of HR to meet the clients requirements according to the functional specifications. The document is not exhaustive or even sufficient, but it covers following topics in general:

  • Creation of Custom Infotypes
  • Enhancement of Standard Infotypes
  • Assigning Default Values and Validations for Custom Infotype
  • Creation of Custom Infotype with Subtype
  • Enhancements
  • Recruitment Infotype Creation
  • OM Infotypes
  • Logical Database [LDB]
  • Differences between ABAP and ABAP HR
  • Reporting Recruitment
  • Differences between LOOP and PROVIDE statements
  • Dynamic Actions
  • Inbound Interfaces
  • Payroll
  • 5 Step Procedure to Retrieve Payroll Results
  • Schemas and Functions

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HR ABAP Training Guide for Beginners

In this HR ABAP Training Document, you will be introduced to overview and features of HR Programming in SAP and its difference from conventional ABAP. Following topics are covered in this manual;

  • Concepts of Infotypes
  • Logical Databases in HR
  • Macros in HR
  • Clusters in HR
  • Enhancement and creation of Infotype
  • Reporting in HR
  • User Exits and BAdIs
  • Authorization Objects in HR

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