SAP Query Tutorial for Beginners

SAP Query is SAP’s tool to define and execute once own reports without knowing ABAP programming language. In this document following key topics to explore SAP Query are covered in detail:

  • What is SAP Query? Purpose and Advantages of SAP Query?
  • Configuration for SAP Query
  • Create transaction for SAP-Query
  • Creating Ad Hoc query (HCM related infoset query)
  • Developing SAP Query for Task List Data Extraction
  • Transport of SAP Query objects
  • Setting the Expiry date in SAP Query
  • SAP Query for getting hourly background job status
  • Building an SAP Query using ABAP Code
  • Development of Basic List Query using SAP Query
  • Working with infosets/User Groups/Query in detail

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HR ABAP Technical Overview

Previously I shared another comprehensive HR ABAP Training presentation with you. This one also covers HR ABAP topics in detail.  Following are headlines from the document:

  • Logical Databases
  • Join & Projection
  • Reports / Repetitive Structures
  • Clusters
  • Time Data
  • Infosets & Infoset Queries
  • Infotypes
  • Logical Database PCH

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