SAP US Payroll Tax Guide: Everything You Want to Know

In this documentation, you will find important SAP US Payroll Tax information of the following topics:

  • SAP Tax Terminology
  • Tax Calculation Process
  • Infotypes
  • Configuration of Taxes
  • Tax Wagetypes

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SAP HR Organizational Management (OM) Infotypes

An Infotype is a collection of fields or attributes related to a particular type of content. The term Infotype is specific to SAP ERP HCM, and not used in any other part of SAP. Each time data is stored in an Infotype, a corresponding database record is created. The user uses an Infotype as a data entry screen with fields for employee or business information.

The following standard list of Infotypes can be used in the implementation of organizational structures
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How to Use Infotypes in SAP HR ?

In this documentation you will find notes and field descriptions screenshots for the following infotypes:

  • IT0000 – Actions
  • IT0001 – Organizational Assignment
  • IT0002 – Personal Data
  • IT0006 – Addresses
  • IT0007 – Planned Working Time
  • IT0008 – Basic Pay
  • IT0009 – Bank Details
  • IT0014 – Recurring Payments/Deductions
  • IT0015 – Additional Payments
  • IT0016 – Contract Elements
  • IT0019 – Monitoring of Tasks
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HR ABAP Technical Overview

Previously I shared another comprehensive HR ABAP Training presentation with you. This one also covers HR ABAP topics in detail.  Following are headlines from the document:

  • Logical Databases
  • Join & Projection
  • Reports / Repetitive Structures
  • Clusters
  • Time Data
  • Infosets & Infoset Queries
  • Infotypes
  • Logical Database PCH

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HR ABAP Training Guide for Beginners

In this HR ABAP Training Document, you will be introduced to overview and features of HR Programming in SAP and its difference from conventional ABAP. Following topics are covered in this manual;

  • Concepts of Infotypes
  • Logical Databases in HR
  • Macros in HR
  • Clusters in HR
  • Enhancement and creation of Infotype
  • Reporting in HR
  • User Exits and BAdIs
  • Authorization Objects in HR

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