ABAP Objects Tutorial for Beginners

If you have a little or no experince with ABAP Objects until now, this tutorial will guide you through the fundamental language elements of ABAP Objects and the usage of the respective ABAP Workbench tools.

  • Exercise 1: Classes and Objects
  • Exercise 2, Inheritance
  • Exercise 3, Interfaces
  • Exercise 4, Events
  • Exercise 5, Exceptions
  • Exercise 6, Unit Tests
  • Exercise 7, Service Enablement

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ABAP Objects Introduction for Beginners

First version of ABAP Objects is delivered with SAP Basis Release 4.5 by extending the ABAP programming language with classes, interfaces and the ability to create objects from classes i.e. class ‘instances’. And with SAP Basis Release 4.6, complete version of ABAP Objects is delivered by enabling “Inheritance” which is the key feature of Object-oriented programming for many programmers, and allowing the creation of a compose interface from several component interface.

In this article developers of this extension will give you a brief overview of ABAP Objects basics and also give a comprehensive example. Some highlights from document

  • Statements for defining a class
  • Using objects and their components
  • Statements for deriving a subclass
  • Using an objects of a subclass
  • Defining and implementing interfaces
  • Using Interfaces
  • Declaring raising, and handling events
  • Registering handler methods for events

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ABAP Objects Presentations for Beginners

Introduced with the release of SAP Basis 4.5 in 1990s, ABAP Object Oriented Programming (ABAP OOP) has many new features over conventional ABAP Programming. If you are not familiar with ABAP Objects yet, this post will provide you 3 presentations to give you a general overview. Highlights from documents are as following:

1. Fundamentals of ABAP Objects:

  • Recognize the concept of Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Identify the features of Object Oriented Programming
  • Recall the history of ABAP Object Oriented Programming
  • Advantages of ABAP OOP over conventional ABAP Procedural Programming
  • Analyze the basic building blocks of ABAP Objects

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ABAP Training Set 3: Interactive Reporting, ALV

Interactive Reporting,ALV


Chapter 01 Introduction to Interactive Reporting
Chapter 02 ABAP Events
Chapter 03 The AT PF ## Event
Chapter 04 The AT USER-COMMAND Event and Menu Painter
Chapter 05 Step-by-Step Instructions for Making a GUI
Chapter 06 Review of Concepts-Work Areas & Internal Tables
Chapter 07 The AT-LINE SELECTION Event (SY-LISEL vs. HIDE)
Chapter 08 Multiple Line Selection

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