SAP ABAP for Newbies: Introductory Slides

In this post, you will find links to set of ABAP presentations of following topics:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction and First Program
  • Chapter 2: Tools in the Development Environment
  • Chapter 3: Basic Concepts
  • Chapter 4: Database Access
  • Chapter 5: Dynamic Programs
  • Chapter 6: Specialities for ERP Software
  • Chapter 7: ABAP Objects and BSP

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ABAP Objects Tutorial for Beginners

If you have a little or no experince with ABAP Objects until now, this tutorial will guide you through the fundamental language elements of ABAP Objects and the usage of the respective ABAP Workbench tools.

  • Exercise 1: Classes and Objects
  • Exercise 2, Inheritance
  • Exercise 3, Interfaces
  • Exercise 4, Events
  • Exercise 5, Exceptions
  • Exercise 6, Unit Tests
  • Exercise 7, Service Enablement

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SAP ABAP Refresher’s Guide

No need to talk much about this massive 1000 pages document. The following topics are covered in detailed for ABAP Beginners;

  1. Introduction to ABAP
  2. SAP Netweaver Overview, Introduction to ABAP…

  3. ABAP Workbench Basics
  4. Data types and data objects, Internal tables, Debugging, Function groups and function modules…

  5. ABAP Dictionary
  6. Database tables, domains, views, locking concept…

  7. Advanced ABAP
  8. Open SQL, Dynamic programming…

  9. ABAP Objects
  10. Classes and objects, inheritance, polymorphism, interfaces, events, exception handling

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ABAP Objects Presentations for Beginners

Introduced with the release of SAP Basis 4.5 in 1990s, ABAP Object Oriented Programming (ABAP OOP) has many new features over conventional ABAP Programming. If you are not familiar with ABAP Objects yet, this post will provide you 3 presentations to give you a general overview. Highlights from documents are as following:

1. Fundamentals of ABAP Objects:

  • Recognize the concept of Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Identify the features of Object Oriented Programming
  • Recall the history of ABAP Object Oriented Programming
  • Advantages of ABAP OOP over conventional ABAP Procedural Programming
  • Analyze the basic building blocks of ABAP Objects

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ABAP Objects Obsolete Statements – Solutions to Syntax Errors

ABAP Objects are introduced in release 4.5. ABAP Objects contains a complete set of object-oriented statements. Object orientation in ABAP builds on existing language and is largely compatible with it. Statements in ABAP Objects cover almost the complete ABAP language set ; however , specific obsolete language constructs are not allowed in connection with ABAP objects due to clean-up of the ABAP language.
Statements those are made obsolete in ABAP OOP context are not necessarily related to Unicode programs, though the introduction of Unicode certainly changes the strictness of syntax checks. It is important to note that the Unicode changes are a different set of changes compare to changes in ABAP Objects.

This document contains obsolete syntax for ABAP Objects and show the language constructs by which the obsolete syntax can be replaced.

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