SAP BW Reporting: Everything You Want to Know

Business intelligence tools are intended to support users in understanding the enterprise performance and to help users make appropriate decisions based on their understanding. One critical aspect here that the user should note is the need to give all users an equal insight into the enterprise—an insight based on consistent data and standard analytical definitions. For consistent enterprise control, a unified view of information for all users is indispensable. On the one hand, this is achieved by the SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW) functionality for extraction and data warehousing via a consistent data basis. Conversely, queries can provide a unified and flexible analysis platform according to the Single Point of Truth concept. This means that within an enterprise, a piece of information (or a dataset) exists once as a reference and cannot be falsified by locally changed variants. Essentially, a query is a database research action with interesting additional functionality like currency scenarios, complex calculation options, and analysis functions.

In this e-book (116 pages) you will find in-depth notes about SAP BW Reporting tools. See the covered content below:

  • Reporting Agent
  • SAP BI 7.0 Reporting Tools
  • Business Explorer (BEx Browser, BEx Query Designer, BEx Map)
  • Query Designer
  • BEx Web Application Designer
  • Chart Designer
  • Web Analyzer
  • Ad-Hoc Query Designer

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SAP Business Intelligence Reporting Guides

This article contain guidelines step by processes for

  • How to create a basic ad hoc query in BEx Query Designer using the Financials InfoCube
  • How to modify an existing ad hoc query and add features to the basic query
  • How to add Confidential InfoObjects and Security Variables to the ad hoc query

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Advanced Tips and Tricks Using BEx Analyzer and BEx Query Designer

This presentation will let you learn advanced tips and tricks in BEx Query Designer and BEx Analyser. You will also gain insight into the advanced features, understand the obscure features, and learn how BExGetData works with given examples and demo. The topics covered overall are:

  • Advanced features of Query Designer
  • Creating Interactive Reports using BEx Analyzer
  • Advanced formatting features of BEx Analyzer
  • 2 Properties and 2 Settings in BEx Analyzer

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BEx Query Designer Presentations for Beginners

The BEx-Query Designer is used to prepare analysis – known as queries – of all data stored in the SAP BW. The Query Designer can be invoked via the Web or from MS Excel or can be installed as a desktop application. After the Query Designer has been started, the Open dialog allows a fast access to the InfoProviders in the SAP BW and the queries already present.

This presentation package consists of the following topics:

  • Unit 1 – Introduction to BW Reporting: You will be introduced to BW architecture and objects used in SAP BW: InfoObject, InfoCube, Infoprovider and ODS…
  • Unit 2 – BEx query Designer: This presentations gives a brief definition of BEx Query Designer and basic steps required to create, change and display a Query
  • Unit 3 – Calculated and Restricted KEy Figures: Learn what Calculated and Restricted Key Figures are and know their properties. Structures and Cell Editor also covered in this unit
  • Unit 4 – Properties and Attributes of Characteristics: Get a brief overview of Attributes and properties of the Display Hierarchy
  • Unit 5 – Variables: Learn what variables are used in Query Designer
  • Unit 6 – Query Properties: After reading this unit you will be able to understand the purpose of setting parameters under General, Display and Extended properties.
  • Unit 7 – Exceptions and Conditions: What are Exceptions and Conditions ? Read this unit and learn how to create them.

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