SAP CO Cost Center Accounting Configuration Guide

The controlling area configuration is the starting point of configuration in the CO module, which will then enable us to configure profit center, product costing and then the profitability analysis module.

In this e-book, cost center accounting configurations will be covered.

  • Organizational Structures
  • Maintain Controlling Area, Maintain Number Ranges for Controlling Documents, Maintain Versions

  • Multiple Valuation Approaches/Transfer Prices
  • Maintain Currency and Valuation Profile, Assign Currency and Valuation Profile to Controlling Area

  • Production Start-Up Preparation
  • Cost Element Accounting
  • Create Batch Input Session

  • Reconciliation Ledger
  • Activate/Deactivate Reconciliation Ledger, Define Adjustment Accounts for Reconciliation Posting

  • Cost Center Accounting
  • Define Standard Hierarchy, Create Cost Center, Create Activity Types

  • Cost Center Planning
  • Define Distribution, Create Assessment Cost Elements, Define Allocation Structures, Define Assessment, Define Splitting Structure

  • Actual Postings

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SAP Asset Accounting Configuration Document [Realtime Project]

This material, from a realtime project, provides step by step customization/configuration instructions related to Asset Accounting submodule in SAP FI. Following are headlines from the document;

  1. Organizational Structures Configuration
  2. In this section features of the Asset Accounting organizational objects (chart of depreciation, FI company code, asset class) are defined. All assets in the system are assigned to these organizational objects that you defined.

  3. Integration with General Ledger [Ao90]
  4. The system settings and entries you make in this section are required for the integration of Asset Accounting with the General Ledger

  5. Valuation Configuration
  6. In this section,all configurations that have to do with the valuation of fixed assets are made. We define and manage all valuation and depreciation parameters in the chart of depreciation

  7. Depreciation Configuration
  8. The settings for fixed assets depreciation are defined in this section.

  9. Special Valuation Configuration
  10. Master Data Configuration
  11. Transaction Types Configuration

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SAP IS-Retail Configuration and Scenarios Guide

This will be my first share regarding IS-Retail related document. The step by step tutorial document you will find below covers following common configuration steps of IS-Retail in SAP;

  • Organizational Structure Configuration ( Define Company Code, Division, Distribution, Sales Area etc.. )
  • Site Creation (DC), Site Creation (Store), Article Creation, Vendor Creation
  • Processes (Assortment Listing, Pricing, Merchandise Category
  • Scenarios (Purchase from External Vendor, Stock Transfer from DC to Store )

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Yet Another SAP FICO Configuration Guide

This will be one of the greatest share I will be enjoying :) This valuable FICO Configuration Document is a compilation of quick notes for each step of customization and guides you with nice noted screenshots. You will also find end-user guides after configurations done. Following sub-module configuration steps are covered in this 300 pages material:

  • Introduction to ERP
  • Introduction to SAP
  • Introduction to SAP Modules
  • Introduction to SAP FICO
  • Enterprise Structure Configuration Steps
  • Financial Accounting Global Settings Configuration Steps
  • General Ledger Configuration Steps
  • Accounts Payable Configuration Steps
  • Accounts Receivable Configuration Steps
  • Asset Accounting Configuration Steps

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SAP SD Configuration Document

Previously I have shared another two SAP SD Configuration guide, it is getting hard to find another and another post title :) This one is not as much comprehensive as the previous ones, it does not cover all customization areas of SAP SD but still useful. Following configuration steps are covered in this document;

  • How to configure SAP SD Relevant Organization Units: Creating Sales Organization, Distribution Channel, Division, Sales Offices, Sales Group
  • Assigning Organization Units: Assigning Sales Organization with Company code, Assigning Distribution Channel to Sales Organizaion, Assigning Division to Sales Organization, Creating a Sales Area, Assigning Sales Office and Sales Group
  • Preparing system for Master Data Creation and some further end-user processes explained…

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Configuration Guide to Create Organizational Structures in SAP MM

In this configuration material, you will learn how to create organization structure area for Materials Management module. Following are covered in this document in details with screenshots;

  • Define Plant
  • Define Storage Locations
  • Define Purchasing Organization
  • Create Purchasing Groups
  • Assign Plants to Company Code
  • Assign Purchasing Organization to Company Code
  • Assign Purchasing Organization to Plants.

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Step by Step SAP SD Configuration Document

Similar to the SAP SD Configuration Material I shared with you previously, also in this 100 pages document you will find step by step configuration steps detailed in notes with screenshots. Following and more configurations are covered in this guide;

  • Enterprise Structure Configuration:
  • Define Sales Organization, Define Distribution Channel, Define Division, Assign Sales Organization to Company Code, Assign Distribution Channel to Sales Organization, Assign Division to Sales Organization…

  • Sales and Distribution Configuration:
  • Define Condition Types, Maintain Pricing Procedure, Assign G/L Accounts, Maintain Output Types, Define Sales Document Types, Define Number Ranges for Sales Documents, Define Item Categories…

  • General Logistics Condiguration:
  • Assign Update Group at Item Level, Assign Update Group at Header Level

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