Yet Another SAP FICO Configuration Guide

This will be one of the greatest share I will be enjoying :) This valuable FICO Configuration Document is a compilation of quick notes for each step of customization and guides you with nice noted screenshots. You will also find end-user guides after configurations done. Following sub-module configuration steps are covered in this 300 pages material:

  • Introduction to ERP
  • Introduction to SAP
  • Introduction to SAP Modules
  • Introduction to SAP FICO
  • Enterprise Structure Configuration Steps
  • Financial Accounting Global Settings Configuration Steps
  • General Ledger Configuration Steps
  • Accounts Payable Configuration Steps
  • Accounts Receivable Configuration Steps
  • Asset Accounting Configuration Steps

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Configuration Guide to Create Organizational Structures in SAP MM

In this configuration material, you will learn how to create organization structure area for Materials Management module. Following are covered in this document in details with screenshots;

  • Define Plant
  • Define Storage Locations
  • Define Purchasing Organization
  • Create Purchasing Groups
  • Assign Plants to Company Code
  • Assign Purchasing Organization to Company Code
  • Assign Purchasing Organization to Plants.

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Step by Step SAP SD Configuration Document

Similar to the SAP SD Configuration Material I shared with you previously, also in this 100 pages document you will find step by step configuration steps detailed in notes with screenshots. Following and more configurations are covered in this guide;

  • Enterprise Structure Configuration:
  • Define Sales Organization, Define Distribution Channel, Define Division, Assign Sales Organization to Company Code, Assign Distribution Channel to Sales Organization, Assign Division to Sales Organization…

  • Sales and Distribution Configuration:
  • Define Condition Types, Maintain Pricing Procedure, Assign G/L Accounts, Maintain Output Types, Define Sales Document Types, Define Number Ranges for Sales Documents, Define Item Categories…

  • General Logistics Condiguration:
  • Assign Update Group at Item Level, Assign Update Group at Header Level

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SAP MM CIN Excise Configuration Guide

In one of my previous posts, I shared with you Excise Invoice User Manual . I have recently come across a Configuration Guide of Excise Invoice for Country India Version (CIN) .

In this article author explains every bit of Excise Invoice starting with describing terms, then goes step by step configuration procedures with accompanying notes. For those who are new to this area, this article will make it simply easy to understand the required CIN settings. Covered steps are as following

  • Definition and types of Excise Duty
  • Basic SAP MM CIN Settings
  • Maintaining Master Data
  • Account Determination
  • Incoming Excise Invoices, Subcontracting, Excise Register

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Step by Step SPRO-Configuration Guide for FICO – Limited Ones

SPRO, which stands for SAP Project Reference Object, is used configure the SAP System as per clients requirement. After executing SPRO t.code you will see IMG (Implementation Management Guide) menu which you will find customization settings for all modules. It will be helpful for you to have a look at IMG Transaction Codes and Table Names post. In the following documents, you will find a limited but very useful step by step configuration methods for;

  • Financial Accounting
  • Define Company, Company Code, Assign Company Code to Company, Define Chart of Accounts, Set up Accounts Groups and Their Number Ranges, Assign Fiscal Year Variant to Company Code, Assign Posting Variant to Company Code, Document Number Ranges for the Company Code

  • Controlling
  • Set up Controlling Area – Basic Data, Activate Components / Control Indicators, Assignment of Company Codes, Set Controlling Area, Maintain Controlling Documents Groups and their Number Ranges

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Automatically Generating Purchase Order at the Time of Goods Receipt

As a business requirement it is sometimes necessary to enable automatic generation of the purchase order during goods receipt of a material. For mapping this requirement in the standard SAP R/3 system some prerequisites are required both in the application and in customizing (SPRO) settings. After this is set up, upon goods receipt of material, the purchase order number is automatically generated by the system.

This article illustrates one of the Important functionalities offered by SAP R/3 in Goods receipts procedure in Material Management . This article will demonstrate the process of creation of Automatic Purchase Order at the time of Goods receipts. It shows the settings in the IMG Guide and the master data maintenance to achieve Automatic purchase Order Generation on Goods receipt

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Customizing Steps of Purchasing Document Types

In the SAP System, the different kinds of purchasing document are distinguished from one another by means of the document type. The Document type determines the relevant number range and the fields that are offered to you for data maintenance purpose.

Document types are defined for RFQs, purchase orders, and contracts, for example. The standard SAP system includes certain document types.

The following purchasing document types can exist for the purchasing document category purchase order,for instance:

  • Standard purchase order -NB
  • Stock transport order – UB
  • Framework order – FO

This article illustrates the use and customizing steps of Purchasing Document Types -Material Management. It shows the settings in the IMG Guide and the outcome of such customize setting changes.

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