SAP ABAP Refresher’s Guide

No need to talk much about this massive 1000 pages document. The following topics are covered in detailed for ABAP Beginners;

  1. Introduction to ABAP
  2. SAP Netweaver Overview, Introduction to ABAP…

  3. ABAP Workbench Basics
  4. Data types and data objects, Internal tables, Debugging, Function groups and function modules…

  5. ABAP Dictionary
  6. Database tables, domains, views, locking concept…

  7. Advanced ABAP
  8. Open SQL, Dynamic programming…

  9. ABAP Objects
  10. Classes and objects, inheritance, polymorphism, interfaces, events, exception handling

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8 Presentations to Introduce ABAP for Beginners

These presentations, contain introductory instructions with sample exercises, will provide you quick overview of ABAP if you are beginner.

  • Introduction to ABAP
  • List Processing in ABAP
  • Open SQL & Internal Table
  • Event-driven Programming & Selection Screen
  • Modularization & Catch Statement
  • Message, Debugging, File Transfer and Type Group
  • ABAP Advanced List
  • Dialog Programming Overview

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