ABAP Data Dictionary Overview

ABAP Dictionary centrally describes and manages all the data definitions used in the system and the database. It is completely integrated in the ABAP Development Workbench. ABAP Dictionary supports the definition of user-defined types i.e. data elements, structures and table types. These types are used in the ABAP processors and ABAP programs. It also defines the structure of database objects i.e. tables, views and indexes.

In this document, you will get an overview of ABAP dictionary and predefined data elements.

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SAP ABAP Refresher’s Guide

No need to talk much about this massive 1000 pages document. The following topics are covered in detailed for ABAP Beginners;

  1. Introduction to ABAP
  2. SAP Netweaver Overview, Introduction to ABAP…

  3. ABAP Workbench Basics
  4. Data types and data objects, Internal tables, Debugging, Function groups and function modules…

  5. ABAP Dictionary
  6. Database tables, domains, views, locking concept…

  7. Advanced ABAP
  8. Open SQL, Dynamic programming…

  9. ABAP Objects
  10. Classes and objects, inheritance, polymorphism, interfaces, events, exception handling

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A Must SAP ABAP Tutorials Document For Beginners

Actually in this 500 pages document you will find the contents from saptechnical.com’s ABAP Tutorials which each are explained step by step with screenshots. Someone has compiled them to into a single document and I think it is a must for all SAP ABAP Programmers. Some of the tutorials in this extensive document are;

  • Creation of Transparent Table
  • Creating a Structure in ABAP Dictionary
  • Working with Table Maintenance Generator
  • Creation of a Logical Database
  • Dynamic Selection Screen (Drop downs, pushbuttons, radio buttons, icons)
  • Create Dynamic Patterns
  • Table Control using Wizard in Module Pool Programming and many more…

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ABAP Training Set 1 : Data Dictionary

SAP Overview,ABAP Data Dictionary


Chapter 01 Overview of ABAP Dictionary
Chapter 02 ABAP Dictionary Objects
Chapter 03 Foreign Key Relationships
Chapter 04 ABAP Dictionary Tables in Relational Databases
Chapter 05 Adding Structures
Chapter 06 ABAP  Repository Information System
Chapter 07 ABAP Dictionary Changes
Chapter 08 ABAP Dictionary Objects-Views
Chapter 09 Overview of Search Helps
Chapter 10 Online Help & Documentation
Chapter 11 Type Groups and more…

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